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# 121
Tumhara ishq, ishq ... aur humara ishq, sex
Your love is love ... and my love is sex
# 122
(Palatne nahi wala hai) ... Palatne ka wait toh 90's mein karte the log ... I was just checking out his a**
(He's not going to turn around) ... people in the 90's used to wait for someone to turn around ... I was just checking out his a**
# 123
Kabhi aapko waqt mile toh mere ghar aao na ... main aapko chawal doonga phir daal doonga ... dal maa ke haath ki dal
If you get time then please come to my house ... I'll give you rice and then I'll insert it ... I mean lentil cooked by my mom
# 124
Phikar mat ki jiye ... aapko shikayat ka mauka nahi doonga
Don't worry ... I won't give you a reason to complain
# 125
Yeh biwiyan mangalsutra pehente hi Kamasutra kyun bhool jati hai
Why do wives forget Kamasutra after wearing the wedding necklace
# 126
Kaash us manoos raat maine nirodh ka virodh nahi kiya hota
I wish I wouldn't have objected against the condom on that inauspicious night
# 127
Mujhe joh chahiye ... uska maaza sirf raat ko hi aata hai
What I want ... the fun for that, only comes in the night
# 128
Sutli bomb hai yeh ... desi tamancha
She is a twine bomb ... country pistol
# 129
Ghanta! Ghanta! ... mera kuch bighadoge tum log
Balls! Balls! ... you guys cannot hurt me
# 130
Ravi Kumar langot ka bahut pakka hai ... woh bistar par neend ke alava kuch nahi leta
Ravi Kumar is very strong with his loincloth ... on the bed he doesn't take anything other than sleep
# 131
Bewakoof aur chutiye mein dhaage bhar ka farak hota haiga bhaiya ... dhaage ke ingay bewakoof aur ungay chutiya ... aur joh dhaaga hainch lo, toh kaun hai bewakoof aur kaun hai chutiya, crore rupiye ka prashan hai bhaiya
Brother, there is only a threads difference between a fool and a dumbass ... on one end of the thread is the fool and on the other is the dumbass ... and brother if you break that thread it's a million dollar question as to who's the fool and who's the dumbass
# 132
Jaan jaaye lekin sambhog hone na paaye
You're ready to lose your life but you won't let the intercourse happen
# 133
See you all in the morning ... my babes are calling
See you all in the morning ... my babes are calling
# 134
Abhe tera pichwada hai yah Vijayawada?
Is this your backside or Vijayawada?
# 135
Kamre tak chhodne waale kabhi kabhi kamre ke andhar tak aa jaate hai
People who drop someone to the room sometimes come inside the room
# 136
Sperm se thoda upar aakar dekho ... heart naam ki cheez hoti hai
Come a little above the sperm ... there is a thing called heart
# 137
Arre 'V' 'O' ... tumcha aaicha gho
Hey you 'V' 'O' ... your mother's husband
# 138
Sex ... kaunsa sex? ... pichle baar 2013 mein Bhai Dooj ke time mein hua tha yeh
Sex ... what sex? ... the last time we did it was in 2013 during the Bhai Dooj festival
# 139
Sex is the answer to all problems ... zindagi ka solution hai Sir ... yeh ek hi cheez hai joh karne ke liye aapko yeh nahi sochna padta hai, am I dressed right for the occasion or not
Sex is the answer to all problems ... Sir, it's the solution to life ... it's the only one thing for which you don't have to think, am I dressed right for the occasion or not
# 140
(Tum ladki mein sabse pehle kya dekhte ho) - Woh toh depend karta hai na, ki ladki aa rahi hai ... ki jaa rahi hai
(What do you look in a girl first) - That depends if the girl is coming ... or going
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