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Vivek Oberoi

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# 1
Apun yahan aakha Bombay ko apna office banake behtha hai
I have made the whole of Bombay as my office
# 2
Saala tu-heech apun ki fielding lagaya
Bloody its you who has complained about me
# 3
Apun ka haath Dubai tak pahuchega
My hand will reach till Dubai
# 4
Apun ka dhanda darr pe chalta hai ... sirf darr
Our business runs on fear ... just fear
# 5
Agar company mere bina chal sakti hai na ... toh main bhi company ke bina chal sakta hoon
If the company can run without me ... then even I can run without the company
# 6
Aankh kya khopdi mein showpiece ke liye lagayela hai?
Do you have your eyes in the head as a showpiece or what?
# 7
Aaj agar maut khud mere aur uske beech khadi ho jaaye na ... toh main maut ko bhi maar doonga
Today even if death stands between me and him ... then I will kill death also
# 8
Yeh meri request nahi ... order hai
This is not my request ... it's my order
# 9
Tum dua karo apne liye ... agar usse kuch bhi hua na toh main tumhe nahi chhodunga
You pray for yourself ... because if anything happens to her then I won't leave you
# 10
Marte toh woh hai joh janam lete hai
People die only if they are born
# 11
Gaanv mein wow ... maska pav ... meow!
Something wow in the village ... like butter and bun ... meow!
# 12
Meri biwi BMW nikli ... "Bewafaa Meri Wife"
My wife turned out to be a BMW ... "Betrayful My Wife"
# 13
Main maaronga ... toh mar jayega
If I hit ... then you'll die
# 14
Is vansh ka koi ansh nahi rehne doonga main
I will not leave any person of this generation alive
# 15
Hamare saare dushmano ki ek list banao ... aur phir hamare har dushman aur har hone waale dushman ko, ek ek karke us list se mitta do
Make a list of all our enemies ... and then one by one, erase all our enemies and enemies to be from that list
# 16
Baap mera, bhai mera, maa meri .... badla bhi mera hoga
My dad, my brother, my mother ... even the revenge must be mine
# 17
Na courat, na kacheri, na appeal, na date ... direct sazaa
No court, no judiciary, no appeal, no date ... direct punishment
# 18
Bandook ki taqat se kahi badi rajneetik taqat hai
Political power is bigger than the power of the gun
# 19
Yeh biwiyan mangalsutra pehente hi Kamasutra kyun bhool jati hai
Why do wives forget Kamasutra after wearing the wedding necklace
# 20
Darr ka business is the best business
The business of scare is the best business
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