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Clothes & Shoes

Clothes & Shoes Dialogues

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# 1
Agar nahin kaata na, toh aaisi jagah katunga ... tu confuse ho jayega ki pant pehnu yah ghagra
If you don't cut, then I will cut in such a place ... that you will be confused whether to wear a pant or a skirt
# 2
Upar waale ne ek din inki life mein aaisa piece bheja ... joh two piece pehne huye tha
One day God sent such a beautiful piece (girl) in their life ... who was wearing a two piece (bikini)
# 3
Kundan ke pyjame ka naada itna dheela nahi hai ... joh tere blouse ke do hook pe khul jaaye
The string of Kundan's pyjama is not that lose ... that it will open with a couple of hooks from your blouse
# 4
Pyar agar pant hai toh dosti chaddi hai ... pant agar phat bhi jaye toh chaddi izzat bachati hai
If love is the pant then friendship is the underwear ... even if the pant rips off then the underwear saves the humiliation
# 5
Agar tum safed saree mein laal bindi lagakar aa jao ... toh maa kasam ambulance lagogi
If you come wearing a white sari and a red bindi ... then swear on my mom you will look like an ambulance
# 6
Reebok nahi toh reebokey sahi
If you didn't get the original Reebok (shoes) then you're alright with the duplicate
# 7
Lucknow da kurta, Pathani salwar ... tab lage mard, varna lage bekaar
The shirt should be from Lucknow, the pant should be Pathani ... only then a man looks a man, or else he looks useless
# 8
Badtameez, chaddar ki kameez, lohe ka pajama, bandar tera mama, arre billi teri mausi, kutta tera yaar, aam ka achaar ... aaja mere yaar!
Mannerless, shirt from bedsheet, iron pajama, monkey is your uncle, oh cat is your aunt, dog is your friend, mango pickle ... come my friend!
# 9
Buddies you are my chaddies
Buddies you are my shorts
# 10
Gareeb ke paas sirf do hi cheezein hoti hai ... sar par izzat ki pagdi aur pairon mein mehnat ki chappal ... aur jab sar ki pagdi uchalti hai toh pairon ki chappal haath mein aa jaati hai
A poor person has only two things ... the turban of respect on his head and the slippers of hard work on his legs ... and when his turban gets thrown away then his slippers come in his hands
# 11
Zindagi mein dost toh kahi aate hai ... lekin purane dost us jeans ki tarah hote hai, jisse pehente hi you become free ... free to be yourself
In life we get a lot of friends ... but old friends are like that pair of jeans, which on wearing you become free ... free to be yourself
# 12
Bheje ko pant se nikaal le ghadeda
Remove your brain from your pants you fool
# 13
Dil achcha ho ya na ho ... lekin shakal, surat aur kapde achche hone chahiye
Whether your heart is good or not ... but your face, looks and clothes must be good
# 14
Main shaadi karoongi toh Kareena waala designer lehenga pehenke karoongi ... varna dulhe ko tata bye-bye kardo
I will get married only if I get to wear the designer skirt that Kareena wore ... or else say bye-bye to the groom
# 15
Aye hanger pe tange huye kaale kapde
Hey you black clothing hanging on a hanger
# 16
Aaj bhi nangi picture dekh ke dhoti gili karoge ... aaj toh poore bheeg lo
Today also you want to watch an adult film and wet your loincloth ... or do you want to get wet completely today
# 17
I love phasion, phun aur gun
I love fashion, fun and gun
# 18
Meri uniform meri aadat hai ... jaise ki saans lena, apne desh ki raksha karna
My uniform is my habit ... just like breathing and protecting my country
# 19
Kapde badalne se insaan badal nahi jata
A human does not change by merely changing clothes
# 20
Wahi kahani phir ek baar ... Majnu ne liye kapde phaad ... maar tamasha beech bazar
It's the same story once again ... Mr. Majnu rips his clothes ... and total entertainment in the middle of the market
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