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12th Fail

Release Year - 2023
# 1
Toote hue sapne ki sune kaun siski ... antar ko cheer vyatha palkon par thitki ... aasun na bahaunga, sirf muskuraunga ... keh dena bhagya se ke main kal laut aaunga
No one listens to the cry of a broken dream ... the agony within me makes my eyes moist ... I won't shed tears and I'll only smile ... tell my destiny that I'll return tomorrow
# 2
If I cannot be the sun that shines upon the earth ... I can still be a lamp and light up my street
If I cannot be the sun that shines upon the earth ... I can still be a lamp and light up my street
# 3
Yeh joh jazba hota hai kisi mehenga school college mein padne se toh nahi aata hai ... yeh aata hai croredon Hindustaniyo ki umeedon se
Passion isn't taught in some expensive school or college ... it comes from the hopes of millions of Indians
# 4
Imaandari ki third division baimaani ki first division se kahin zyada khushi deti hai
Third division earned with honesty gives you far more happiness than first degree earned with cheating
# 5
Har jeet sab laga rehta hai ... lekin jis din hum mein se kisi ek ka jeet hota hai na ... toh Hindustan ke croredon bhed bakriyon ka jeet hota hai
Winning and losing is part of the game ... but the day one amongst us will win ... then that win will belong to millions of poor Indians
# 6
IAS banna badi baat nahi hai ... badi baat yeh hai ki jis kursi par aap behtenge na ... usse aapki izzat na ho ... balki aapse us kursi ki izzat badhe
It's not a big thing to become Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer ... the big thing is that the chair on which you'll sit ... that shouldn't increase your stature ... instead the chair's stature should increase because of you
# 7
Bahar ke andhere se nahi ... andar ke andhere se daro
Don't fear the darkness that's outside ... fear the darkness that's inside you
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