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Hate Story 3

Release Year - 2015
# 1
Kisi bhi ladai mein haarta woh nahi joh girta hai ... balki woh joh girke uthta nahi hai
In any fight a person who falls doesn't lose ... but the one who falls and doesn't get up loses
# 2
Ek vaishya bhi sex ke paise nahi leti ... sex ke baad bistar chhodke jaane ke paise leti hai
Even a prostitute doesn't charge money for sex ... she charges money to leave the bed after sex
# 3
Doobara yeh galati mat karna ... varna agli baar pachtaane ka mauka bhi nahi milega
Don't do this mistake again ... or else the next time you won't even get an opportunity to repent for it
# 4
Jaan jaaye lekin sambhog hone na paaye
You're ready to lose your life but you won't let the intercourse happen
# 5
Agar koi bhi cheez poore dil se ki jaaye ... toh uska nateeja hamesha khoobsurat hi hota hai
If you do anything with your complete heart at it ... then the outcome of that will always be beautiful
# 6
Tumhe pata hai parindo aur insaano mein kya farak hota hai ... parindo ko sone ke liye jitni jagah chahiye hoti hai ... utna hi bada ghosla banate hai ... aur insaan apne aashiyane se kabhi khush nahi hota ... usse aur bada banana chahta hai
Do you know what's the difference between birds and humans ... the amount of space that birds need to sleep ... they make their nest only that much bigger ... but humans are never happy with their mansions ... they want to make them bigger and bigger
# 7
I don't f*ck for money!
I don't f*ck for money!
# 8
Behind every fortune there is a crime
Behind every fortune there is a crime
# 9
If you're not with me ... you're against me
If you're not with me ... you're against me
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