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Karan Singh Grover

# 1
Ek vaishya bhi sex ke paise nahi leti ... sex ke baad bistar chhodke jaane ke paise leti hai
Even a prostitute doesn't charge money for sex ... she charges money to leave the bed after sex
# 2
Dil mein joh jagah hoti hai woh sirf kisi ek ko di jaati hai ... usse aur koi nahi le sakta ... na saath jeeke, na saat phere leke, na saath rehke
The place that is there in the heart is only given to one person ... no one else can take that ... not by living together, not by getting married, not by staying together
# 3
Jab khone ki naubat aati hai ... tabhi paane ki keemat samajh aati hai
When it comes to losing something ... only then you understand the value of achieving it
# 4
Yeh sab ek sapna hai jis mein tum ho, main hoon aur koi nahi ... yeh woh waqt hai jispe sirf tumhara haq hai, mera bhi nahi
All this is a dream in which you're there, I'm there and no one else ... this is the time on which only you have the right, not even me
# 5
Jaan jaaye lekin sambhog hone na paaye
You're ready to lose your life but you won't let the intercourse happen
# 6
Shayad sach hamare rishtey ko jodh na paye ... lekin jhoot isse zaroor todh dega
May be the truth won't be able to join our relationship ... but lies will definitely break it
# 7
Agar koi bhi cheez poore dil se ki jaaye ... toh uska nateeja hamesha khoobsurat hi hota hai
If you do anything with your complete heart at it ... then the outcome of that will always be beautiful
# 8
Tumhe pata hai parindo aur insaano mein kya farak hota hai ... parindo ko sone ke liye jitni jagah chahiye hoti hai ... utna hi bada ghosla banate hai ... aur insaan apne aashiyane se kabhi khush nahi hota ... usse aur bada banana chahta hai
Do you know what's the difference between birds and humans ... the amount of space that birds need to sleep ... they make their nest only that much bigger ... but humans are never happy with their mansions ... they want to make them bigger and bigger
# 9
Behind every fortune there is a crime
Behind every fortune there is a crime
# 10
Jali ko aag kehte hai, bhuji ko raakh kehte hai ... jis raakh se barood banti hai usse Raghav Prakash kehte hai ... aag laga doonga yeh aasman jaala doonga ... teri yaad mein janam yeh jahaan hila doonga
Burning flames is called fire, after burning what is left is called ash ... and the ash used to make gunpowder, is called Raghav Prakash ... I'll start a fire and burn the sky ... in your memory my love I'll shake this world
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