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# 81
Shake it, take it and fake it
Shake it, take it and fake it
# 82
Langoors have my angoors
Monkeys have my grapes
# 83
Mujhe sirf teen cheezein pasand hai ... winning, cocaine aur love games
I only like three things ... winning, cocaine and love games
# 84
Sikhaya maine ... maze sab lenge
I've taught you ... but others will enjoy
# 85
Ek vaishya bhi sex ke paise nahi leti ... sex ke baad bistar chhodke jaane ke paise leti hai
Even a prostitute doesn't charge money for sex ... she charges money to leave the bed after sex
# 86
Yahan hua late ... aur wahan nikla pet
If you're late here ... then the stomach will be out there
# 87
Aaj ki raat tarasne ki nahi, barasne ki raat hai
Tonight is not the night to yearn, it is the night to pour
# 88
Jab jab jiske lagne hai ... tab tab uske lagte hai ... ab usse ittefaq kaho ya phir what the f*ck
When someone is going to get screwed ... then that person will get screwed ... you can call that coincidence or what the f*ck
# 89
Touch toh bahuton ne kiya hai ... par chuha kisi ne nahin
A lot of people have touched me ... but none have felt me
# 90
Mera naam hai Chutiya ... aachoon aachoon ki khadi karta hoon main khatiya
My name is Chutiya ... I straighten the cot of very smart people
# 91
Glamour industry mein success ka short cut ... short skirt
The short cut for success in the glamour industry is ... the short skirt
# 92
A for apple, B for bade apple, C for chote apple, D for doosron ke apple
A for apple, B for big apple, C for compact apple, D for a different persons apple
# 93
Hum is baar shehar ki mem ke saath A-B-C-D nahi ... gaanv ki gori ke saath Ka-Kha-Ga ... Fa karenge
This time we don't do A-B-C-D with a gorgeous city girl ... but with a beautiful village girl we'll do Ka-Kha-Ga ... and F**k
# 94
Taqdeer woh chinaal hai ... joh mere saath nahi soti
Destiny is that bitch ... who doesn't sleep with me
# 95
Ghee chhe toh ghapa-ghap chhe
If you have money in life then you'll have sex
# 96
Just because we don't have them ... doesn't mean we don't know how to kick them
Just because we don't have them ... doesn't mean we don't know how to kick them
# 97
Honeymoon is a three letter word ... S-E-X
Honeymoon is a three letter word ... S-E-X
# 98
Yeh hota hai chutzpah!
This is called being an asshole!
# 99
Upar waale ne tumhe aage aur peeche bahut kuch diya hai ... lekin upar kuch nahi diya hai
God has given you a lot in the front and in the back ... but he has not given you anything on the top
# 100
Dikhana wahi chahiye ... joh log dekhana chahte hai
You should show ... only what people want to see
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