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Article 370

Release Year - 2024
# 1
Agar humein itihaas likhna hai toh kisi na kisi ko toh itihaas banana padega
If we want to write history then someone will have to create history
# 2
Poora ka poora Kashmir, Bharat desh ka hissa tha, hai, aur rahega
The entire Kashmir was, is, and will remain a part of India
# 3
Jalte khwaabon ki lapton se ek diya jalana hai ... ek zakhm hi khakar mujhko ek zakhm bhulana hai ... saath nibhana pad jaye itna koi majboor nahi hai ... khol diya dil ka darwaza, jaao jisko jana hai
I want to light a lamp from my burning dreams ... I have to forget one wound by receiving another wound ... no one can be forced to be together ... I've opened the door of my heart, so leave whoever wants to leave
# 4
Terrorism dhanda hai ... it has nothing to do with drama of azaadi ... but it has everything to do with money
Terrorism is a business ... it has nothing to do with drama of independence ... but it has everything to do with money
# 5
Kabhi kabhi lambi chalang maarne ke liye ... do kadam peeche hatna zaroori hota hai
Sometimes to make a significant leap forward ... you have to take a few steps back
# 6
Parliament chale ya na chale ... desh chal pada hai
It doesn't matter if the parliament moves on or not ... the country has moved on
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