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Rahul Dev

# 1
Insaan ke marne ke liye jail se buri jagah aur aatma ke janam ke liye jail se achchi jagah duniya mein nahi hai
In this world the jail is the worst place for a human to die and the best place for a spirit to be born
# 2
Jab hum kisi zinda aadmi ke bare mein janane ki koshish karte hai toh uske janam se shuru karte hai ... aur jab kisi rooh ki bare mein janane ki koshish karte hai toh uske shareer ki mrityu se shuru karte hai
When we try to find out about a living person then we start from their birth ... and when we try to find out about a spirit then we start from the death of their body
# 3
Magarmach ke mooh se shayad gosh ka tukda nikalna aasaan hai ... lekin Baburao jisko apne daanton mein daboch le na ... usse na toh aaj tak koi chhuda paya hai aur na chhuda payega
It may be easier to pull out a piece of meat from a crocodile's mouth ... but the one who Baburao catches with his teeth ... no one till today has been able to free him and neither anyone will be able to free him
# 4
Haraam ka maal kamane ke baad aadmi sirf do hi jagah pe milta hai ... daru ke canistar mein yah rundi ke bistar mein
After earning unlawful money a man can only be found in two places ... in the alcohol drums or in the bed of a prostitute
# 5
Kutton ke bhaunkane se haathi ki chaal pe koi farak nahi padta
Elephants are not bothered by barking dogs
# 6
Bandar ka gurda hamesha bandar ke andar hota hai
The kidney of a monkey is always within the monkey
# 7
Duniya ka sabse bada nasha ... risk!
The world's biggest intoxication is ... risk!
# 8
Bhigada toh kuch nahi ... lekin bana zaroor sakta hai ... meri kismat
He has not ruined anything ... but he can make something ... my destiny
# 9
Is raaste pe tumhe le jaana beshaq mere haath mein hai ... par vapas lana na tumhare haath mein hai, na mere
It's definitely in my hands to take you on this path ... but coming back is neither in your hands, nor mine
# 10
Aksar meri awaaz sunne se pehle ... log apne maut ki aahat sunte hai
Most of the time before hearing my voice ... people hear the sound of their death
# 11
Joh shaap dene waala hai aur shaap paane waala hai woh toh duniya se chale jaate hai ... lekin shaap zinda rehta hai sadiyon tak ... generation after generation
The one who gives the curse and the one who receives the curse do leave the world ... but the curse remains alive for many eras ... generation after generation
# 12
Jiska dushman zinda hai, uski maut zinda hai ... jisne apne dushman ko maar diya, usne apni maut ko maar diya
The one whose enemy is alive, his death is alive ... the one who has killed his enemy, that person has killed his death
# 13
Hum kisi sarhad ko nahi mante ... hum kisi mulk ko bhi nahi mante ... hum sirf yeh jante hai ki uparwaale ne sirf ek hi zameen banayi hai ... aur us pe sarhaden insaan ne banayi hai
We don't believe in any border ... we also don't believe in any country ... we only know that god has made only one earth ... and humans have made boundaries on it
# 14
Tumhare aur mere beech hamesha ek foot ka fasla reh jaata hai ... jaanta hai kyun? ... kyun ki tu hamesha ek foot neeche se sochta hai (from the heart) ... aur main ek foot upar se (from the mind)
There always remains a distance of one foot between you and me ... you know why? ... because you always think from one foot below (from the heart) ... and I think from one foot above (from the mind)
# 15
Kiski nass mein kitna khoon hai ... yeh khooni bhediya achchi tarah jaanta hai
Who has how much blood in their veins ... a killer wolf knows that very well
# 16
Service hai, salary hai, sapna hai ... settle ho ja
You have a job, a salary, a dream ... now settle down
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