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Adult Dialogues

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# 41
Roses are red, violets are blue ... sex can be dangerous, but love can be to
Roses are red, violets are blue ... sex can be dangerous, but love can be to
# 42
Logon ki maa-behan hoti hai ... aapki baap-behen ho gayi hai
People get screwed ... but you are screwed beyond limits
# 43
Aaj bhi nangi picture dekh ke dhoti gili karoge ... aaj toh poore bheeg lo
Today also you want to watch an adult film and wet your loincloth ... or do you want to get wet completely today
# 44
Dil na saala left mein hota hai, na right mein ... center mein hota hai ... kyun ki hum mein wahin dard uth raha tha
The heart is not on the left side and neither on the right side ... it is in the center ... because I was in pain there
# 45
Sorry ji, galat ungli ho gayi
Sorry wrong finger
# 46
Peepal talle padenge ... aur nadi naare hugne jayenge ... kya thundi thundi hawa lagegi pichwaare mein
We will fart under the banyan tree ... poty near the lake ... what cool cool air we will feel on our backside
# 47
Kaam ka soocho ... Kamasutra ka nahi
Think about work ... not about Kamasutra
# 48
Aad chahe jitna bada ho jaye ... laad ke neeche hi rehta hai
No matter how big the genitalia become ... they always stay below the mentula
# 49
Jhand fakeer, soovar ki aulaad, marjha saale kamine ... thank you!
Worthless beggar, son of a pig, go and die you rascal ... thank you!
# 50
Haramzaade se yaad aaya Chaube ji ... aapke aadhar niye pitashri aaj kal kaise hai?
Mr.Chaube from the word bastard I remember ... how is your father doing these days?
# 51
Subah uthte hi Bijal, dopahar tak Sejal aur raat hote hote tak Kinjal
In the morning he is with Bijal, by afternoon he is with Sejal and by the night he is with Kinjal
# 52
Chandu ke bhatije ... phatte huye phooge ke natije
You are Chandu's nephew ... and a result of a blown balloon
# 53
Jitna lamba kurta utni zyada sex drive
The longer the blouse, the higher the sex drive
# 54
Bhenchod eklauti aaisi gaali hai joh hamare desh ke har language mein, har culture mein is tarah gul-mili hai ... jaise whiskey mein soda
Sister-fucker is the only curse word which is mixed in every language, every culture of our country ... just like soda is mixed with whiskey
# 55
Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai, aur usse bhi zyada meetha hota hai ... sabere ka phal
Patience is rewarding, but far more rewarding is ... morning fruit
# 56
Jhanda chahe kisi bhi desh da ho ... par danda Hindustani hona chahiye
The flag can be of any nation ... but the pole must be Hindustani
# 57
Yahan kabootar bhi ek pankh se udhta hai ... aur doosre se apna izzat bachata hai
Here even the pigeon flies with one wing ... and protects its honor with the other wing
# 58
Saali chalti phirti cocaine hai ... cocaine
Bloody she is walking moving cocaine ... cocaine
# 59
Sab ladko ko ek hi cheez mein interest hota hai
All guys are interested in only one thing
# 60
Hum baar baar janam lete hai karne ke liye ... achche karam
We are born again and again to do it ... I mean good deeds
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