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Prakash Raj

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# 1
Bada khiladi hai na tu ... toh khel bhi bada hi hoga tere saath
You are a big player right ... then the game with you will also be a big one
# 2
Mere saath kuch bhi karneka ... mera ego hurt nahi karneka
Do anything with me ... but don't hurt my ego
# 3
Waqt ka pata nahi chalta hai apno ke saath ... lekin apno ka pata chal jaata hai waqt ke saath
We don't come to know about time when we are with our dear ones ... but we come to know about our dear ones with time
# 4
Minister log mere peeche aur police log mere jeb mein rehte hain
Ministers are behind me and police is in my pocket
# 5
Tere khaki ki kasam ... khaak mein mila doonga tereko
I swear on your police uniform ... I will mix you in ash
# 6
Music system bajta hai ... aur mera system bajata hai
The music system plays ... and my system bangs
# 7
Aali re aali ... maajhi baari aali
It's here it's here ... my turn is here
# 8
Maar do phek do ... biryani banake khalo
Kill him throw him ... turn him into biryani and eat him
# 9
Ghanta! Ghanta! ... mera kuch bighadoge tum log
Balls! Balls! ... you guys cannot hurt me
# 10
Sur Mohammed Rafi ka hai ki nahi ... power Muhammad Ali ka hai
My tune may not be like Mohammed Rafi ... but my power is like Muhammad Ali
# 11
Ab tu marne se pehle hazaar baar marega
Now, before you die you will die a 1000 times
# 12
Arre 'V' 'O' ... tumcha aaicha gho
Hey you 'V' 'O' ... your mother's husband
# 13
Tere is post ka post mortem kar sakta hoon main ... abhi ke abhi ... zameen ke neeche rhenge waale keede jaisi haalat kar sakta hoon main teri ... abhi ke abhi ... aaisa interior decoration karoonga idhar ka, police station kam shamshan zyada lagega ... abhi ke abhi
I can do the post mortem of your post ... right now ... I can make your condition into that of an insect that crawls under the ground ... right now ... I'll do such an interior decoration job here that, this place will look more like a cremation ground and less of a police station ... right now
# 14
Jab haath kaatne ka waqt aayega na ... toh tumko haath uthane ka mauka bhi nahi milega
When the time comes to cut your hand ... then you won't even get the chance to raise your hand
# 15
Saale in logon ko diesel phukat mein milta hai kya ... poore department ki gaadiyaan mere peeche pari hai
Bloody do these people get diesel for free or what ... all the cars of the department are running behind me
# 16
Is shehar mein achcha vakil kanoon jaanta hai ... aur bahut achcha vakil judge ko jaanta hai
In this city a good lawyer knows the law ... and a very good lawyer knows the judge
# 17
Main toh apna blood samjha tha ... tu toh blood cancer nikla
I used to think you were my own blood ... but you turned out to be blood cancer
# 18
Main sunta nahi hoon ... samajhta hoon
I don't listen ... I understand
# 19
Khoon se likhi huyi kahani hai yeh, siyahi se nahi badegi ... agar aage badana hai toh phir se khoon hi maangegi
This story has been written with blood, and it won't move forward with ink ... if we have to take it further then it'll ask for blood again
# 20
Jab mein ek peg peeta hoon na, main kisi ke baap ki nahi sunta ... jab mein do peg peeta hoon, toh main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta ... jab main teen peg peeta hoon, tab koi bhi mera nahi sunta
When I drink one peg, then I don't listen to anyones father ... when I drink two pegs, then I don't even listen to myself ... when I drink three pegs, then no one listens to me
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