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Ayushmann Khurrana

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# 1
Pyar karna bahut log sikhate hai ... par afsoos us pyar ko bhulate kaise hai ... yeh saala koi nahi sikhata
So many people teach you how to fall in love ... but how do you forget about that love ... unfortunately, no one teaches you that
# 2
Zindagi side 'A' se side 'B' ki tarah ghoomti gaano ki reel ki tarah hi toh hai ... kabhi koi gaana itna pasand hai ki khatam hone se dar lagta hai ... kabhi koi gaana poore din honthon se jaane ka naam nahi leta ... aur kabhi koi gaane ke sirf dhun yaad reh jaati hai
Life is just like a reel of tape that spins from side 'A' to side 'B' ... sometimes you love a song so much that you're worried that it'll end ... sometimes a song is there on your lips all day long ... and sometimes you can only remember the tune of a song
# 3
Duniya mein har koi galat hai ... aur sahi woh hai joh kam galat hai
Everyone in this world is wrong ... but the one who's the least wrong, is the right one
# 4
Jeb mein paise ho na ho ... log coffee peena kabhi nahi chhodenge
Whether people have money in their pocket or not ... they will never leave drinking coffee
# 5
Aasaan nahi hai tumse pyar karna ... magar tumse pyar na karna usse bhi zyada mushkil hai
It's not easy to love you ... but it's more difficult to not love you
# 6
Kuch gaane aapki zindagi se yoon hi judh jaate hai ... unki dhun mein lipte hote hai chote badhe kisse ... kayi saari yaadein
Some songs just connect well with your life ... wrapped around their tunes are big and small stories ... and many many memories
# 7
Duniya mein jitni bheed badhti jaa rahi hai ... log utne hi akele hote jaa rahe hai
The more the population of the world grows ... that much more the people are feeling lonely
# 8
Zindagi ek pighalti hui ice cream ki tartah hai ... taste nahi kiya toh waste ho jayegi
Life is like a melting ice cream ... if you don't taste it, then it'll go to waste
# 9
Kisi ko tum gusail lagti ho, kisi ko bighdail lagti ho ... tumhari amma mazak mazak mein kehti hai ki raat bhar ghoomti rehti ho toh chudail lagti ho ... kisi ko tumhari baatein atpatti lagti hai, kisi ko behad chatpatti lagti hai ... tumhari kasam humein tumhari har ek baat bahut hi achchi lagti hai
Someone thinks you're great and someone thinks you're naughty ... your mother jokingly says that you look like a witch when you roam around in the night ... someone thinks your talks are strange and someone thinks they're pretty interesting ... I swear on you, I love every bit that you do
# 10
Dil kehta hai unse mil ... dimag kehta hai duty ke baad mil
My heart tells me to go and meet her ... but my mind tells me to meet her after work
# 11
Zindagi se behad pyar tha usse ... aur khud se zindagi se bhi zyada
She loved life a lot ... but she loved herself more than her life
# 12
Paise ho na ho ... pyar apna jugaad nikaal hi leta hai
Whether money is there or not ... love will find it way
# 13
Aap mote, kaale, naate, ganje, chahe jaise bhi dikhte ho ... agar aap apne aapse pyar karenge toh duniya bhi aapse pyar karegi
Fat, dark skinned, short, bald, no matter how you look ... if you'll love yourself then even the world will love you
# 14
Pyar mein itne thokar khane ke bawajood, zakhm pe Iodex malkar veer jawaan hamesha khade ho jaate hai ... ek aur try karne ke liye
Despite of being hurt in love, young guys always apply Iodex on their wounds and stand up again ... to give one more try
# 15
Jab love ki spelling bhi nahi aati thi ... matlab toh door ki baat thi ... tab se jisse pyar kiya hai aur jab woh haan bol de ... toh jaan bas nikalte nikalte reh jaati thi
When I didn't even know how to spell love ... forget knowing the meaning of it ... since then, the person whom I've loved and when that person says yes ... then it feels like my life is about to end
# 16
If there is love ... toh tees rupaye aur ek cup coffee enough hai happiness ke liye
If there is love ... then Rs. 30 and one cup of coffee is enough for happiness
# 17
Sperm se thoda upar aakar dekho ... heart naam ki cheez hoti hai
Come a little above the sperm ... there is a thing called heart
# 18
Life mein haan ya na ki probability 50-50 ki hoti hai ... aur mujhe lagta hai ki haan wala 50 bahut hota hai
The probability of yes or no in life is 50%-50% ... and I feel that the 50% of yes is more than enough
# 19
Oh hotness ... kha jaun tereko?
You are very hot ... can I eat you?
# 20
Kala aadmi ko bahut kuch deti hai ... lekin TDS bhi poora kaat leti hai
Talent gives a lot to a person ... but it also deducts proper taxes for it
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