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Adult Dialogues

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# 181
Tum jaisi auratein mard ke bagair reh nahi sakti ... oh sorry in your case mardon ke bagair
Women like you can't live without a man ... oh sorry in your case without men
# 182
Main deti hoon gareeb bachon ko education ... vidhwa maaon ko inspiration ... aur kunware mardon ko masturbation
I give education to the poor children ... inspiration to widowed mothers ... and masturbation to unmarried men
# 183
Bomb phatke aur phaadke chala gaya
The bomb ripped and tore apart everything
# 184
Teri naak nikaal ke peeche daal doonga ... saale soong soong ke wahi mar jayega
I will remove your nose and put it in your back side ... bloody you will die right there with the smell
# 185
Love woh bahana hai joh lust apna matlab poora karne ke liye use karti hai
Love is that excuse which lust uses to fulfill its needs
# 186
Sikka hila toh fail!
You fail if the coin moves!
# 187
If I slept with you, you also slept with me
If I slept with you, you also slept with me
# 188
Woh toh aaise chipak gaye hai ... ki agar censor dekhle toh kainchi chala de
They are stuck in such a way ... that if the censor board sees it then they will use the scissors
# 189
Kabhi devil aapke neeche ... kabhi aap devil ke neeche ... too much fun
Sometimes the devil is below you ... sometimes you're below the devil ... too much fun
# 190
Bata diye hai toh unki mardangi ko chhot lag jayegi ... aaise jahil hai mardangi ko sperm count se naapte hai
If I tell him then his manlihood will be hurt ... he is such an ignorant person that he measures his manlihood with his sperm count
# 191
Agar 'L' word kahoonga na ... toh 'GPL' khaoonga
If I say the love word ... then she will kick my ass
# 192
Driver toh totta hai ... ek dent nahi hai poori body mein
The driver is beautiful ... she doesn't have a single mark on her body
# 193
Adult baat mat kar, idhar maa behen khadi hai
Don't talk adult stuff, mom and sister are standing here
# 194
I like bitches!
I like bitches!
# 195
Tu na complete package hai ... bahar se sati, andar se slutty
You're a complete package ... from outside you're innocent and from inside you're slutty
# 196
Inka sabse bada ch*tiyapa yeh hai ki inhe sex ke baad bhi baat karni hai ... meetha khane ke baad koi soup peeta hai kya?
The biggest bullshit they have is that they want to talk even after sex ... who drinks a soup after having a dessert?
# 197
Marwadi log ke jeb mein na mawa rehta hai ... paisa woh log apni gand mein dalke rahte hai
Marwadi people keep tobacco powder in their pocket ... and they keep money in their ass
# 198
Agar usse kuch hua toh goli aaisi jagah daloonga ... ki karobaar toh chhod ... tu din ke zaroori kaam karna bhi chhod dega
If anything happens to her then I will shoot you in such a place ... that forget work ... you will forget to do the daily necessities of life
# 199
Zindagi jhaant hai ... phir bhi thaant hai
Your life sucks ... but you still have style
# 200
Suhaagraat mein baraati nahi aate
The wedding guests do not stay for the nuptial night
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