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Adult Dialogues

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# 161
Joh mera paisa dooba ... toh main dugna tere pichwaade mein haath dalke nikalongi
If I lose my money ... then I will use my hand and recuperate double from your backside
# 162
Aaisi jagah laat marenge na ... ki poori zindagi apni aurat ke paas jaane se gabrayega
I will kick you in such a place that ... for the entire life you will be scared of going to your wife
# 163
Teri halat us aids lagi randi ki tarah ho gayi hai ... jiske paas kabhi koi grahak nahin jaata
Your condition has become like that of a prostitute with aids ... who does not get any customers
# 164
Ek baar aagad paachad sahi dikhe na ... toh ladka aagad paachad ghoomta rahega
If your front and back looks great ... then the boy will roam in front of you and behind you
# 165
Arre yeh saale Majnu bhai patthar khane waale kaam karte hai ... khud ko toh Laila milti nahi ... aur jisko mil-rehli hai us mein bhi fingerbaazi
Mr. Majnu does the kind of work that calls for pelting stones ... he himself is not able to get Laila ... and he puts his finger in between those who are getting her
# 166
Love aur sex ke beech mein na confuse nahi karna chahiye ... it's a physical need
You should not get confused between love and sex ... it's a physical need
# 167
Shakal dekh kar bande ka sperm pehchaan jaata hoon
I can recognize the sperm of a person by looking at his face
# 168
Main juttha toh kutte ka jaana ... aur sachcha toh teri maa ka khasam ... bhenchod!
If I'm a liar then I'm a bitch's son ... and if I'm correct then your mother's illegitimate lover ... you sister fucker!
# 169
(Pyar se dekho) ... Arre hamari g**nd phatti huyi hai, kahan se layenge pyar
(Look at her with love) ... Bloody I'm scared like hell, from where will I bring love
# 170
'A' for apple, 'B' for ball ki jagah ... 'M' for maa-ki aur 'B' for bhen-ki bolna seekh gaye
Instead of 'A' for apple, 'B' for ball ... we learnt to say 'M' for mother-f**ker and 'B' for bloody sister-f**ker
# 171
Kuch cheezein zaroorat se zyada ho jaye toh darr laga rehta hai ... khaas kar sex and money ... aur kuch logon ke paas dono hi cheezein zaroorat se zyada ho jaati hai
One becomes scared when they have a few things more than enough ... especially sex and money ... and some people have both these things more than enough
# 172
There is only one thing I cannot stand ... is a one night stand
There is only one thing I cannot stand ... is a one night stand
# 173
Sex is the answer to all problems ... zindagi ka solution hai Sir ... yeh ek hi cheez hai joh karne ke liye aapko yeh nahi sochna padta hai, am I dressed right for the occasion or not
Sex is the answer to all problems ... Sir, it's the solution to life ... it's the only one thing for which you don't have to think, am I dressed right for the occasion or not
# 174
Sikka hila toh pass!
You pass if the coin moves!
# 175
Aapki aankhon mein dekha toh irradon mein badmashiyan aa gayi
My intentions became naughty when I looked in your eyes
# 176
Pyar mein aur photograph mein koi farak nahi hai ... dono andhere mein develop hote hai
There is no difference between love and photographs ... they both develop in darkness
# 177
Jhooti aastha nahi, raasta sachcha doonga ... tum mera haath pakad lo, main tumhe bachcha doonga
I will show you the true path, and not the false opinion ... you hold my hand, and I will give you a child
# 178
I'm somebody who can get anybody ... but I want nobody other than your body
I'm somebody who can get anybody ... but I want nobody other than your body
# 179
Joh aap kahoge woh karungi ... jahan aap bologe wahan karungi ... jaise aap kahoge waise karungi
I'll do whatever you want ... I'll do it wherever you want ... I'll do it however you want
# 180
Tum jaisi auratein mard ke bagair reh nahi sakti ... oh sorry in your case mardon ke bagair
Women like you can't live without a man ... oh sorry in your case without men
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