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Adult Dialogues

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# 141
Rehna hai raho, jaana hai jao ... I don't give a crocodile's ass
Stay or leave, it's your wish ... I don't give a crocodile's ass
# 142
Pehle bhi dekha hai ishq mein andha bawla hote ... par chutiya pehli baar dekhriya hoon main
I have seen before people going blind and crazy in love ... but I am seeing a dumbass for the first time
# 143
Aaj main thakne ke mood mein nahi ... thakaane ke mood mein hoon
Today I am not in the mood of getting tired ... I am in the mood of making you tired
# 144
Tujhe dekhke na ... mere dimaag ka parental control hi switch off ho jaata hai
When I see you ... the parental control switch in my mind turns off
# 145
Science jism ko jaanta hai ... aatma ko nahi
Science knows the body ... not the soul
# 146
Doobara agar mujhe haath lagaya, toh haath kaat ke aaisi jagah ghusa doonga ... ki zindagi bhar khana bhi mooh se padega ... aur nikalna bhi
If you touch me again, then I will cut your hand and push it in such a place ... that for lifetime you will have to eat from your mouth ... and remove also
# 147
Only shak ... no f*ck!
Only suspicion ... no f*cking!
# 148
Jise duniya kehti hai haramzaada ... jise pyar se ladkiyan kehti hai aur zyada ... wohi hota hai asli mastizaada
Whom the world calls as a rascal ... whom the girls with love say a little more ... he's the person who has the real fun
# 149
Sperm se thoda upar aakar dekho ... heart naam ki cheez hoti hai
Come a little above the sperm ... there is a thing called heart
# 150
Tere baap ne time pe withdraw kar liya hota ... toh tu haramzadgi se bach jata na
If your father had withdrawn at the right moment ... then you would not have been a bastard
# 151
Na main shayar hoon, na shayar ka bhatija hoon ... main toh jhi apne maa baap ke manoranjan ka natija hoon
I am not a poet, neither am I related to a poet ... I am the outcome of my parents entertainment
# 152
Hamaade gaon mein chuttad dhone se pehle ... tamancha chalana sikhate hai
In our village even before they teach you how to wipe your ass ... they teach you how to use a pistol
# 153
Bribe is an institution started by women ... kyun ki inke pass joh dene ko rishvat hai woh kabhi khatam nahi hone waali ... aur hum saale rishvatkhor apni maraaye jaa rahe hai ... isse toh acha hai saala apne haath se hi shaadi karlo
Bribe is an institution started by women ... because what they have to offer as a bribe is never ending ... and we dumb people who accept their bribe are getting screwed ... better than that would be to marry our hands
# 154
Dost do kisam ke hote hai ... ek woh jinhe raat ke do bajhe bhi phone kiya ja sakta hai ... and you know ki they will be there for you ... aur doosre woh jinhe raat ke do bajhe hi phone kiya jaata hai
There are two types of friends ... one whom we can call at 2am in the night ... and you know that they will be there for you ... and second whom we call only at 2am in the night
# 155
Dal pak gayi, tandoor bhi ban gaya ... lekin ab main tumhare tan se door nahi reh sakta
The lentil is cooked, the meat is ready ... and now I can't stay away from your body
# 156
Don't horny me!
Don't horny me!
# 157
Kya figure hai yaar ... na ek millimeter idhar na ek millimeter udhar ... upar waale ne bhi cold coffee peete hue banaya hoga yeh garma garam piece
What a figure she has ... not a millimeter here and not a millimeter there ... God must have made this hot piece while drinking cold coffee
# 158
Yeh andhere mein hazaar volt ke jhatke kyun de rahi ho? ... mere dil mein na jaane kaise kaise bulb jal uthe
Why are you giving thousand volt shocks in the dark? ... I'm not sure what different kinds of bulbs are lighting up in my heart
# 159
Chokri bani hai chedne ke liye ... chatri bani hai kholne ke liye ... chadar bani hai odhne ke liye
A girl is made to be teased ... an umbrella is made to be open ... a sheet is made to be worn
# 160
(Ek mahine ka waqt hai, sirf ek mahina) ... Mahina humein gin'na aata hai sahab ... har baar saala laal karke jaata hai
(You have a months time, just one month) ... Sir, I know how to count a month ... every time it comes, it leaves making me red
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