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Release Year - 2024
# 1
Duniya mein mil jayenge aashiq kayi ... par watan se haseen sanam nahi hota ... heeron mein simatkar, sone se lipatkar marte hai kayi ... par tirange se khoobsurat kafan nahi hota
You'll find many lovers in this world ... but there's no one more beloved than your country ... many die with diamonds and gold by their side ... but no shroud is more beautiful than the tri-coloured Indian flag
# 2
Tujh jaise terrorist ke wajah se agar hum badtameezi pe utar aaye ... toh tumhara har mahulla IOP ban jayega ... India Occupied Pakistan
If we come down to bad behaviour because of terrorists like you ... then every colony of yours will become IOP ... India Occupied Pakistan
# 3
Duniya ka sabse aasan kaam hota hai kisi par ilzaam lagana ... aur sabse mushkil kaam sachai kuredna
The easiest thing in the world is to blame someone ... and the most difficult thing is to investigate the truth
# 4
Fighter woh nahi hai joh apne target achieve karta hai ... woh hai joh unhe thok deta hai
A fighter is not someone who achieves his targets ... he's someone who blows them off
# 5
Kuch safar itne khoobsurat hote hai ki manzil tak pahunchne ka mann hi nahi karta
Some journeys are so beautiful that you don't feel like getting to the destination
# 6
Joh akela khelta hai, woh team ke khilaf khelta hai
The one who plays alone, plays against the team
# 7
POK ka matlab hai Pakistan Occupied Kashmir ... tumne occupy kiya hai ... malik hum hai
POK means Pakistan Occupied Kashmir ... you're the one who has occupied ... and we're the owners
# 8
(Eent ka jawab pathar se dene aaye ho?) - Nahi, dhokhe ka jawab badle se
(Have you come to throw stones at me since I threw bricks at you?) - No, I've come to take revenge since you cheated with me
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