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Mithun Chakraborty

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# 1
Itihaas badalne waale ka naam, kabhi itihaas mein nahin hota hai
One who changes history, you won't find their name in history
# 2
Izzat, zillat, shohrat aur maut ... upar waale ke haath mein hai
Honour, humiliation, wealth and death ... is in the hands of God
# 3
Sar jiske aage na jhuke woh darwaza kisi aur ka hoga, mera nahi ... aur joh har darwaze pe jhuk jaye woh sar kisi aur ka hoga, hamara nahi
The door in front of which your head won't bow down will be someone else's, not mine ... and the head that bows down in front of every door will be someone else's, not mine
# 4
Kasam khakar aagaya hai inteqam ka yeh angaraa ... bajaonga aaj teri maut ka nakaraa
The fire of revenge has taken a vow ... to play the drums of your death today
# 5
Ab zindagi tujhe takleef nahi degi ... woh takleef dega tujhe
Now life won't give you any trouble ... God will give you the trouble
# 6
Genius toh woh hota hai jiske paas character ho ... genius toh woh hota hai joh har paristithi mein zindagi ki ladai ladta hai aur jeet'ta hai ... woh genius hai
A genius is someone who has character ... a genius is someone who fights with life under any circumstances and wins ... such a person is called a genius
# 7
Jinke ghar sheeshe ke hote hai na ... woh basement mein kapde badalte hai
Those who have glass houses ... they change their clothes in the basement
# 8
Dushman ka border ho ya dee hui zubaan ... Hindustani sipahi peeche nahi hatta
Whether it is the enemies border or a promise ... an Indian soldier never steps back
# 9
Jiski zaroorat ussoolon se badi hoti hai ... woh na nahin bol sakta
One whose needs are bigger than his rules ... he can't say no
# 10
Main gareebo ke liye hero hoon ... aur tum jaise logon ke liye villain ... naam hai mera Shankar, hoon main Gunda No.1
I am a hero for the poor ... and a villain for people like you ... my name is Shankar and I am Goon No.1
# 11
Hum sirf angrezon ka khoon peete hai
I only drink blood of the Englishmen
# 12
Tujh jaise zehar ko maarne ke liye ... zehar hi kaam aayega
To kill a poisonous person like you ... poison will be useful
# 13
Kisi mahaan aadmi ne kaha hai ... "Bichadna nahi asaan, isliye goodbye na tum kehna ... jaana toh hai humse door sahi, par hai toh issi dil mein rehna"
A famous person has said ... "It is not easy to separate, hence don't say goodbye ... I still have to go away from you, but I will stay in your heart"
# 14
Har waqt har pal tujhse takrane chattaan aa raha hai ... mere bete ke liye tujhse ladne tera baap aa raha hai
A mountain is coming to collide with you every moment, every time ... your father is coming to fight you for my son
# 15
Na luck badalta hai na insaan ki taqdeer ... insaan ka waqt badalta hai
Luck doesn't change and neither does the fate of a person ... only his time changes
# 16
Dekhne mein bewda, bhagne mein ghoda aur maarne mein hatauda
Looks like a drunkard, runs like a horse and hits like a hammer
# 17
Kamaan se nikla teer ... aur zabaan se nikli baat kabhi wapas nahi aati
An arrow that leaves the bow ... and words that leave the mouth can never come back
# 18
Lagale zor jitna teri taqdeer mein hai ... dushman ko rokna hamari fitrat mein hai
Try as much as you can with your luck ... but it is my habit to stop my enemy
# 19
Kanoon aur bhagwan jab deta hai na, toh chappad phad kar deta hai ... aur jab leta hai, toh thappad maar kar leta hai
Law and God when they give, they give like crazy ... and when they take, they slap and take it
# 20
Yeh zindagi ek jung ka maidan hai ... yahan sar uthakar jeene ke liye insaan ko har kadam par ladna padta hai ... kabhi waqt ke saath, kabhi halaat ke saath aur kabhi maut ke saath
Life is a battlefield ... here you have to fight at every step to live with your head held high ... sometimes with time, sometimes with situations and sometimes with death
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