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Release Year - 2006
# 1
Chaand jab aadha ho jaave hai na ... toh bhi chaand hi kehlave hai
When the moon becomes half ... it is still called as the moon
# 2
Bewakoof aur chutiye mein dhaage bhar ka farak hota haiga bhaiya ... dhaage ke ingay bewakoof aur ungay chutiya ... aur joh dhaaga hainch lo, toh kaun hai bewakoof aur kaun hai chutiya, crore rupiye ka prashan hai bhaiya
Brother, there is only a threads difference between a fool and a dumbass ... on one end of the thread is the fool and on the other is the dumbass ... and brother if you break that thread it's a million dollar question as to who's the fool and who's the dumbass
# 3
Hassi badi mehangi ho rakhi hai duniya mein
A smile is getting more and more expensive in the world
# 4
Joh ladki apne baap ko thug sakti hai ... woh kisi aur ki sagi kya hogi
The girl who betray's her own father ... how can she be trusted by anyone else
# 5
Main juttha toh kutte ka jaana ... aur sachcha toh teri maa ka khasam ... bhenchod!
If I'm a liar then I'm a bitch's son ... and if I'm correct then your mother's illegitimate lover ... you sister fucker!
# 6
Sarat ghodon pe lagate hai ... kathor sheron pe nahi
Bets should be placed on horses ... not on cruel lions
# 7
Joh agwai ka kaam kare so hijra bhaisaab
Brother, those who do the work of kidnapping are eunuchs
# 8
Tu toh bewakoof haiga ... chutiya toh aadmi shaadi ke baad hi hove hai
Surely you are a fool ... because a man becomes an idiot only after he gets married
# 9
Tere toh peshaab se bhi chirag jaale hai poore pardes mein
Your urine lights the lamps around the world
# 10
Badi lakdi mat utha kuptaan!
Captain, don't try to do big things!
# 11
Ghagre mein ghus ke ho rahi thi fund raising?
You were raising the funds inside the skirt, right?
# 12
Mard aur aurat mein kadhai karchi ka rishta hove ... akele rehve toh manoosiya ... aur saale saath rehve toh khana kan, khana kan, khana kan
The relationship of a man and a woman is like that of a pan and a stirrer ... when they are alone, they are useless ... and when they stay together, then they make a lot of noise
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