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There is a little bit of Bollywood inside each Indian, but some Indians along with that have crazy international friends. These international friends often make a falooda of Bollywood and Hollywood, especially when it comes to dialogues. Imagine someone not knowing Hindi and trying to imitate Chulbul Pandey of Dabangg or Gabbar of Sholay. Just thinking about that is entertainment by itself, and to make this entertainment a reality we have (Dialogues, Lyrics & More).

The "idea" was born by a true Indian who has a bunch of American friends who wanted to be the next Amitabh or Shahrukh. On a lazy Sunday afternoon in late 2012, one of the friends asked our true Desi a very simple question ... "Is their any website that provides English translation of Bollywood dialogues?" ... so they searched and searched online but could not find anything close to what they were looking for. That sparked the "idea" ... if it's not there, why not build one and build the best one.

Today, thanks to our content affiliates we have the largest organized collection of Bollywood dialogues & song lyrics with their English translation and we are growing fast. We love the Bollywood community and this is our way of saying a "BIG THANKS" to them.

Finally we are, where we are today because of the love and support of million's of Bollywood fans like you around the world and we sincerely appreciate your participation with us.

Thank You,
Filmy Quotes Team

"Bole toh Mamu ... tension nahin leneka ... dialogue bazi karneka ... kya!"

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