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Shaadi No. 1

Release Year - 2005
# 1
Time time ki baat hai, kabhi din hai kabhi raat hai ... khatam ho jaye joh coffee ke bina, woh mulaqat koi mulaqat hai
Things change from time to time, it's day at times and it's night at times ... a meeting that ends without coffee, is not a meeting at all
# 2
Shaadi ke pehle pyar bahut zaroori hai ... kyun ki shaadi ek gaadi ki tarah hai ... jitna zyada chalao utna better andaza hota hai ki kab dhakka dekar start karna hai
Love before marriage is very important ... because marriage is like a car ... the more you drive it, the more better you understand as to when you have to push it to start it
# 3
Maane ki kasai se dosti karne se murgi nahi bachti ... par kasai apna dost ho toh kam se kam pyar se murgi toh katti hai
I agree that a chicken cannot be saved by befriending a butcher ... but if the butcher is our friend then atleast the chicken is slaughtered with ease
# 4
Plane time par hai, economy ki seat hai ... badlo bhes aur chalo pardes
The plane is on time, the seat is economy ... change your appearance and let's go to a foreign country
# 5
Iodex lagane se theek hoti hai moch, B-Tex lagane se theek hoti hai khujli ... dil lagane nikle joh pati, usse maarke current gira deti hai bijli
A sprain can be cured by applying Iodex (ointment), itching can be cured by applying B-Tex (cream) ... the husband who tries to flirt, will fall down with a current from the electricity
# 6
Dhoodh ka mazaa tab aata hai jab us mein ho elaichi, badam aur pista ... jab dil se dil mil jaate hai toh ban jaata hai bhai behen ka rishta
You enjoy milk when it has green cardamom, almonds and pistachios ... when a heart connects with a heart then a relationship of brother and sister is formed
# 7
Kya farak padta hai Daler ho ya Udhas ... show ka mazaa aayega jab aap ho hamare paas
What difference does it make whether it's Daler Mehndi or Pankaj Udhas ... the show will be fun when you are with me
# 8
Shaadi actually bilkul chicken masale ki tarah hai ... table pe sajane se pehle chak lo ... toh pata chal jaata hai ki chicken kitna naram hai aur kitna garam
Marriage is just like chicken masala ... if you taste it before putting it on the table ... then you come to know how soft and warm the chicken is
# 9
Is Madhuri ke saath ek do teen karne ka mauka mile na ... toh koi ek kya, do teen biwiyon ko bhi dokha dede
If I get a chance to do 1, 2, 3 (dance) with this Madhuri ... then forget one, I'll even cheat two or three wives
# 10
To win matches you have to take great catches
To win matches you have to take great catches
# 11
Dhood ke phatne se banti hai malai ... suit ke phatne se hoti hai silai ... bhoot ke darr se phatte jiski, uski toh rab hi kare bhalai
Cream is made by boiling milk ... stitching is done when a dress tears ... the one who is scared of a ghost, god only save him
# 12
Agar meri jagah koi Laxman Prasad bhi hota ... toh is Rekha ke saath laxman rekha paar kar deta
Even if it was Laxman Prasad instead of me ... he would have crossed the limits with this Rekha
# 13
Jodiyan banana toh upar waale ka kaam hai ... lekin unhe salamat rakhna neeche waale ka kaam hai
It is duty of god to make couples ... but it is the duty of humans to protect them
# 14
Tu jab bhi aaise hasa hai ... hum mein se koi na koi phasa hai
Whenever you have laughed like this ... someone amongst us has been in trouble
# 15
Shaadi salwar kameez ke suit ki tarah hoti hai ... khareedne se pehle try karna chahiye yeh dekhne ke liye ki suit kitni hoti hai
Marriage is like a salwar kameez dress ... before buying it you should try it to see how much does it suit you
# 16
Yeh andha kanoon likhega kab tak meri kahani ... ek haath mein yeh kaala coat, doosre mein jawani
Until when will this blind law write my story ... in one hand I have this black coat, and my youth in the other
# 17
Mera jaisa chocolate hero action thodi na karega ... entry maroonga late, tab tak action karega mera duplicate
A chocolate hero like me won't do action ... I'll enter late, and until then my duplicate will do the action
# 18
Jab dhoonde mard biwi ke saath bahar waali ko rakhne ka bahana ... toh reh jaata hai bilkul akela holding a banana
When a husband looks for a reason to keep a mistress along with a wife ... then he is left all alone holding a banana
# 19
Chaukidar kare chaukidari, wafaadari toh kutta bhi karta hai ... joh kare biwi se bewafai, usse wafaa toh kutta bhi nahi karta hai
A watchman is the one who guards, because even a dog is loyal ... the one who cheats his wife, even a dog doesn't remain loyal to him
# 20
Daag jaisa ho kameez pe, woh nikalta hai Nirma ya Rin se ... joh aaya hai karke mooh kala, woh nikalta hai dustbin se
No matter what mark is there on the shirt, it comes out with Nirma or Rin ... the one who does bad things, he comes out from a dustbin
# 21
Eent ka jawab patthar ... gudh ka jawab shakkar ... aur sajan ko sabak sikhana ho toh chalao dooja chakkar
A stone is the reply to a brick ... sugar is the reply to jaggery ... and if you want to teach your lover a lesson then flirt around with someone else
# 22
Katghare mein khada yeh aadmi ek aaisa pati hai ... jiska bas chalta toh shaadi ke din apne patni ko mangalsutra ka dhaaga nahi, Kamasutra ki copy deta ... joh chahta hai ki har subah uski patni Ramayan ka paath nahi, vatsyayan ka paath pade
This person standing in the paling is such a husband ... who if had the control then he would have given his wife a copy of the Kamasutra on their wedding day, and not a wedding necklace ... who wishes that his wife reads a lesson of erotica every morning, and not a lesson of Ramayana
# 23
Jab ghar pe ho sakta hai zukaam ka ilaaj toh kyun dhoonde kisi doctor ka address ... ki farak penda hai ki ilaaj kare Munnabhai ya M.B.B.S
Why should we find a doctor's address when we can cure the cold in the house ... what difference does it make whether Munnabhai does the treatment or a M.B.B.S (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)
# 24
Honi ko kaun taal sakta hai ... joh hona hai wohi hoga ... bachche ke diaper jitne bhi badalo ... geela toh woh karega bichauna
Who can stop what's going to happen ... what's going to happen will happen ... no matter how many diapers you change of a child ... he will still wet the bed
# 25
Gaye the dubane Titanic par na duba sake ek bhi naiyya ... misaal hi maarte reh gaye hamare Lucky bhaiya
He went to drown the Titanic but he couldn't even drown a boat ... our brother Lucky was just left giving examples
# 26
Shaadi ek mango ki tarah hoti hai ... waqt se pehle pak jaye toh baad mein ras ke bajaye aachaar banana padta hai
Marriage is like a mango ... if it ripes before time then later instead of pulp you have to make pickle
# 27
Shaadi ek sandal ki tarah hoti hai ... pehle se agar woh ghis jaye toh baad mein sirf maarne ke kaam aati hai
Marriage is like a sandal ... if it tears beforehand then later it can only be useful for beating
# 28
Jaise kamino ki pechaan jail mein piste hue chakki ko hoti hai ... vaise apne jijo ki pehchaan Lakhwinder Singh Lakha urf Lucky ko hoti hai
Just like the grinder grinding in the jail recognizes rascals ... just like that Lakhwinder Singh Lakha aka Lucky recognizes his brother-in-laws
# 29
Shaadi ek nariyal ki tarah hoti hai ... pehle se hi malai kha lo toh baad mein sirf pani reh jaata hai
Marriage is like a coconut ... if you eat the cream beforehand then only the water remains
# 30
Gas ho jaye khatam toh jala lo chula ... shehar mein swayamvar kyun kare jab bagal mein ho dulha
If the gas is over then burn the grill ... why should we have the wedding in the city when the bridegroom is next to us
# 31
Is Dimple ke dimples dekhkar ... pyar ki acting karna aur bhi simple ho gaya
Looking at the dimples of this Dimple ... it's become easy to act in love
# 32
Raat ko halwa khakar karenge jalwa ... aur raat ko phir ice-cream khakar ... I scream then you scream
In the night we'll eat a dessert and do crazy things ... then again we'll eat ice-cream in the night and ... I'll scream and then you scream
# 33
Choona jamke padna chahiye, chahe paan ho Banaras ya Kolkate ka ... saboot tagda hona chahiye, chahe thank you bolna pade kisi bhi ullu de pathe da
The lime paste must be applied properly, be it a betel leaf of Banaras or Kolkata ... the evidence should be strong, even if you have to say thank you to a fool
# 34
Ek mahine se toh hai sookha, na jaane kahan saavan ki chhadi hai ... andar khatiya padi hai, bahar khatiya khadi hai
I have been dry since a month, I don't know where is the stick of rain ... inside there is a bed, and outside I'm in trouble
# 35
Bahut ho gayi pyar ki acting, bahut gaa liye duet ... ab jis kaam ke liye main tumhe yahan laya hoon na, just do it
Enough of this acting in love, enough of singing duets ... now the work for which I've brought you here, just do it
# 36
Titanic kab ki doob chuki hai varna us mein bithakar pyar se bhejta yeh bhaiya ... train ki ticket book ho chuki hai, biwi ghar se nikal de na toh chale jaana karte "Chaiyya Chaiyya"
The Titanic drowned long time back or else this brother would have seated you with love and sent you in that ... and the ticket of the train has been booked, so if your wife throws you out from the house then go in it dancing on the "Chaiyya Chaiyya" song
# 37
When Spiderman is here ... have no fear
When Spiderman is here ... have no fear
# 38
Jab cycle pe behto ho toh chalana padta hai pedal ... agar duniya mein aaye ho toh punya karo, ki fayda cheque aur medal
When you sit on a cycle then you have to pedal ... if you have come in this world then do good things, and why bother about a cheque or a medal
# 39
Jiski ek biwi uska bhi bada naam hai ... washing machine ghar te lalo, te dhobi da ki kaam hai
The one who has one wife is also famous ... if you bring a washing machine home, then why do you need a laundryman
# 40
Yeh ghar hai ya veerana ... na aadmi, na uski jaat ka thikana
Is this a house or ruins ... neither there is a person, nor are there any signs of someone
# 41
Hum sab panchi ek dhaal ke ... dhaage ek rumaal ke ... dimple ek gaal ke
We all are birds on a single branch ... threads of the same napkin ... dimple of one cheek
# 42
Sita Ram, Radhe Kishan yeh misaalen hai bhagwan ki ... insaano ki agar deni hai misaal toh dena Shaadi No. 1 ki
Sita Ram, Radhe Kishan are examples of gods ... but if you want to give an example of humans then give of Marriage No. 1
# 43
Aaj raviwar hai is liye tum log bach gaye ho ... lekin yeh na samjho ki roz Sunday hai ... aaj Ghasitaram ke pedhe khalo ... kal se toh khane Lakhwinder ke dande hai
Since it's Sunday today you guys are saved ... but don't understand that everyday is a Sunday ... today eat the sweets from Ghasitaram ... since from tomorrow you have to take the beatings from Lakhwinder
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