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We have a talented & very filmy editorial team who is on the hunt everyday for finding and adding content.
Our editorial team does the English translation for each and every dialogue and song lyrics.
All our videos are powered by YouTube embed.
If the video is available on YouTube sooner or later it will be attached to the content.
We do our very best to ensure that we load content in an accurate manner, but we are all humans and mistakes may happen. If you have spotted an error, help us in correcting that by contacting us.
We are adding content, movies and stars on a regular basis and our process is defined to add the most famous & latest ones first. Our goal is to add dialogues and lyrics from every Bollywood movie and we are marching towards that one movie at a time. If you want a specific dialogue/lyrics/movie/star to be added with higher priority then you can make that request to us here.
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