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Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji

Release Year - 2011
# 1
Life mein apna motto hai ... soo aur soone do
My motto in life is ... sleep and let sleep
# 2
See you all in the morning ... my babes are calling
See you all in the morning ... my babes are calling
# 3
Yeh joh pyar mohabbat preet hai, sab jhoot fareb ki reet hai ... kisi andhe insaan ka sapna hai, ek goonge ka geet hai ... yeh joh pyar mohabbat preet hai, sab jhoot fareb ki reet hai
Love in all its forms is just an illusion ... it's a blind mans dream, it's a song of a mute person ... love in all its forms is just an illusion
# 4
Chahe pani ho ya patthar, Facebook ho ya Twitter ... kuch bhi nahi tere pyar se badhkar ... soochta hoon aksar, soochta hoon aksar
Be it water or a stone, be it Facebook or Twitter ... nothing is bigger than your love ... I think about that often, I think about that often
# 5
Yeh joh pyar mohabbat ishq hai, is mein meetha meetha risk hai ... yeh kaisa prem game hai, jis mein sab kuch toh fix hai ... dil ke aaine ko dekho, tera chehra us mein mix hai
In love and romance there is some sweet risk ... what type of a love game is this, in which everything is fixed ... look at the mirror of love, your face is mixed in it
# 6
Pyar hai zaroori aur usse must hi manoonga ... last saans tak tujhe first main chahoonga
Love is important and I believe it is a must ... and I will love you before anything till my last breath
# 7
Aapki 'V' kab gayi?
When did you lose your virginity?
# 8
Joh bhi kahoonga, sach main kahoonga ... tu paas ho ya door, par touch mein rahoonga ... email bhi karoonga, fax bhi karoonga ... tujhe SMS bhejke relax main karoonga
Whatever I say, I will say the truth ... whether you are close or far, I will stay in touch ... I will email you, I will fax you ... and I will send you a SMS and make you feel relaxed
# 9
Usse dekhte hi dil mein sainkado ghantiya Dolby Digital mein bhajne lagi baar baar ... mil gaya mujhe mera life long pyar
When I saw her there were multiple bells ringing like Dolby Digital in my heart ... because I had found my life long love
# 10
Dono ne ek achcha sa mahurat nikaal ke ... shubh talaak lene ka tay kiya
Both of them found an auspicious moment ... and decided to get divorced
# 11
Hindustan mein sirf teen hi cheezein chalti hai ... films, cricket aur shaadiyan
In India there are only 3 things that are a hit ... films, cricket and weddings
# 12
Kahi baar ... do achche log milkar ek achchi life nahi bana sakte
Many a times ... two good people can't live a good life together
# 13
Inki shaadi ki chewing gum mein se dhere dhere taste chala gaya hai ... ab naahi usse ughal sakte hai aur naahi nighal sakte hai
The chewing gum of their marriage has slowly lost its taste ... now neither can you spit it nor can you swallow it
# 14
Commonwealth games ke baad Hindustan mein zimmedari nahi uthana common baat ho gayi hai
Not to take responsibility has become a common thing in India after the Commonwealth games
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