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Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela

Release Year - 2013
# 1
Ab dushmani nibhayenge ... pyar se
Now I will be hostile ... but with love
# 2
Knife pe gire apple, apple pe gire knife ... saala phone nahi utha raha hai, call kar rahi hai wife
An apple fell on a knife,a knife fell on a apple ... bloody he is not picking up the phone, when his wife is calling
# 3
Jab Ram naam ka raag lage ... toh pani mein bhi aag lage
When the name of Ram is sung ... then there can be a fire in water also
# 4
Besharam badtameez khudgarz hota hai ... par pyar toh aaise hi hota hai
Shameless and mannerless people are selfish ... but love happens just like that
# 5
Pehli baar mein sabse zyada mazaa aata hai
It is the most fun when you are doing it for the first time
# 6
Tere dil mein soya tha, kyun utha diya ... card kahan se nikla, ke number mila diya
I was sleeping in your heart, why did you wake me up ... where did you get the card from, to dial my number
# 7
Badla aur guroor agar samundar ko banjar rann bana sakte hai ... toh aashiq is banjar mitti mein bhi phool khila sakte hai
If revenge and pride can turn a sea into a desert ... then a lover can also grow flowers in this barren land
# 8
Green hai angoor, kele ka rang peela hai ... kehdo saari duniya se, Ram ki Leela hai
Grapes are green, bananas are yellow ... tell the whole world, that Leela is for Ram
# 9
Meri mardangi ke bare mein aap gaon ki kisi bhi ladki se pooch sakte ho ... report achchi milegi
You can ask any girl from this village about my manhood ... you'll get a good report
# 10
Jitni tu garam hai ... utna tera bistar naram hai
How much hot you are ... that much soft your bed is
# 11
Isse badi saza kya hogi ... ki jaan bhi nikaal li aur zinda bhi chhod diya
No punishment can be bigger than ... taking the life out and leave one to live
# 12
Jigar pe mat ja ... trigger daba dungi
Don't test my courage ... or else I will press the trigger
# 13
Jeeonga toh tere saath ... maroonga toh tere haath
If I live, it will be with you ... and if I die, I will die from your hands
# 14
Goli aur gussa sahi waqt par kharach karna chahiye
You should spend a bullet and anger at the right time
# 15
Name toh kamaal che ... par surname bawaal che
Her name is great ... but her surname is the problem
# 16
Don shok nahi manate, sirf jashan manate
A don doesn't mourn, he only celebrates
# 17
Dushman se pyar nibhana har kisi ke bas ki baat nahi hai
Not everyone is capable of loving their enemy
# 18
Peeche se woh lete hai ... jinke paas saamne se lene ka hathyar nahi hota hai
People who attack from behind ... don't have the weapons to attack from the front
# 19
Tere se milke aaise bhaaga ... rann mein hi soya, rann mein hi jaaga
After meeting you I ran like crazy ... I slept in the desert, and I woke up in the desert
# 20
Hero banne ke liye jigar ki zaroorat padti hai ... aur jab jigar ho toh bhari bandook ka kya kaam?
You need courage to become a hero ... and when you have courage then why do you need a loaded gun?
# 21
Morni bina mor kis kaam ka ... yeh sindoor hai Ram naam ka
A peahen without a peacock is of no use ... and this vermilion is in the name of Ram
# 22
Jitni tu khoobsurat hai na ... utni hi badi kamini nikli
The beautiful you are ... that much bitchy you turned out to be
# 23
Apni saans wapas lene aaya hoon ... atak ke reh gayi hai tere paas
I have come to take my breath back ... it is stuck with you
# 24
Har goli ke saath sirf beta nahi ... ek maa bhi mar jaati hai
With every bullet not only does a son die ... but a mother also does
# 25
Bheje ko pant se nikaal le ghadeda
Remove your brain from your pants you fool
# 26
Abhi thodu tension, pachee tane full attention
Now I am in a little bit of tension, but later I will give you full attention
# 27
Udh ke aati hoon banke vimaan ... ready rakhna love ka samaan ... milke rahoongi chahe baa lele jaan
I'll turn into an aeroplane and come over ... keep the stuff of love ready ... and I will meet you even if grandma takes my life
# 28
Saala maut ka dhanda karte karte zindagi ki keemat bhool gaye hai hum log
Being in the business of death we have forgotten the value of life
# 29
Knife pe gira apple, apple pe gire knife ... chinta meri aaise kar rahi hai, jaise meri wife
An apple fell on a knife,a knife fell on a apple ... you are worrying about me, as if you are my wife
# 30
Issi ghar mein aayegi aap ki doli ... and wishing you a very happy Holi
You will get married in this house ... and wishing you a very happy Holi
# 31
I don't like this gun goli ... I only want tan choli
I don't like guns and bullets ... I only want the bodice
# 32
Aaj bhi nangi picture dekh ke dhoti gili karoge ... aaj toh poore bheeg lo
Today also you want to watch an adult film and wet your loincloth ... or do you want to get wet completely today
# 33
Namkeen nani, naughty nana hai ... maike kab tak rahoongi, Ram ke ghar jana hai
Grandma is savoury and grandpa is naughty ... how long will I stay at my parents place, I have to go to Ram's house
# 34
Dushman ko pechanne ke liye aankh nahi ... nazar chahiye
To identify an enemy you don't need eyes ... you need the sight
# 35
Subah uthte hi Bijal, dopahar tak Sejal aur raat hote hote tak Kinjal
In the morning he is with Bijal, by afternoon he is with Sejal and by the night he is with Kinjal
# 36
Chandu ke bhatije ... phatte huye phooge ke natije
You are Chandu's nephew ... and a result of a blown balloon
# 37
Chakli, chivda, gud papdi, samose ... mera toh sab ram bharose
Snacks, sweets, samosa ... everything of mine is now in the hands of God
# 38
Jitna tu danger hai na ... utna hi hoshyaar
How much dangerous you are ... you are that much smart also
# 39
Saara din woh bandh kamre mein ghutar-gu ghutar-gu ... natija kab milega haan?
You've been having fun in the room all along ... when will we get the result?
# 40
Woh lover toh main killer
If he is a lover then I am a killer
# 41
Chashme pehenke Karsan ji sharmaye thoda thoda ... khade hai dekho sab ke beech haath mein leke ghoda
Mr.Karsan is a little shy wearing glasses ... and look he is standing in the middle of everyone holding a gun
# 42
Kabaadi brand yeh Rajadi, kaminey kache khiladi ... actually andhar se anaadi, udhayen daari aur pehen le saree
Rajadi people are cheap, they are weak players ... from inside they are dumb, so ask them to shave and wear a saree
# 43
Jitni tu sexy hai ... utni danger hai
The sexy you look ... that much dangerous you are also
# 44
Bandook ki zor pe rishtey nahi bante
You can't make relations on the basis of a gun
# 45
Sarhad ke us paar bhi dushman ... aur yeh gali ke us paar bhi dushman
There are enemies on the other side of the border ... and there are enemies on the other side of this street
# 46
Sab kehte hai unse hamara chatees ka aankada hai ... humse poocho toh chatees chaubees chatees ka aankada hai
Everyone says that we are enemies ... but if you ask me then the numbers are 36-24-36
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