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Adult Dialogues

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# 101
Aurat ka khaas khayal do hi umar ma bahut rakhna padta hai ... ek jab uski umar hovat hai satrah, tab saala badh jaata hai khatra ... aur jab aurat hovat hai tees, oo saali ban javat hai cheez
You have to take special care of a woman at two ages ... once when she turns 17, since she becomes dangerous then ... and second when she turns 30, since she becomes hot then
# 102
Biwi se sex maang le toh hum bikhari ... biwi ko sex na de toh hum atyachari ... aur kisi tarah jugaad lagake usse sex hasil karle na toh balatkari bhi hum hai
If we ask for sex from our wife then we're beggars ... if we don't give her sex then we're cruel ... and if we somehow hack our way into attaining sex from her then we're rapist as well
# 103
Sex aur chocolate dono ek hi type ka maza dete hai ... fark sirf itna hai ... ek mein wrapper nikalna padhta hai aur doosre mein aaj kal chadhana padhta hai
Sex and chocolate both give the same kind of pleasure ... the only difference is that ... in one you have to remove the wrapper and in the other nowadays you have to put it on
# 104
Tumhare shareer ke pedh par ... jawani ka naya phool khil gaya
On the tree of your body ... a new flower of youth has blossomed
# 105
Bina kapde ke kaali gori sab ek jaisi dikhti hai
Without clothes all girls, black or white look the same
# 106
Neeche waali jab leti hai na ... toh patloon phad ke leti hai
When the girl on the ground gets angry ... then she will rip your pants off
# 107
Hindustan mein jab tak cinema hai ... log chutiye bante rahenge
In India until cinema is there ... people will keep becoming fools
# 108
Meerut ka hoon ... apni aukaat pe aa gaya na, toh gand ka Gurgaon bana doonga
I am from Meerut ... if I come to my skin, the I will make your ass into Gurgaon
# 109
Zyada natak kiya na toh tere akhrot tere munh se bahar nikaal dungi
If you act smart then I'll break your b*lls
# 110
Test drive mere saath aur ghar le jao meri best friend ko
You test drove with me and you're taking my best friend home
# 111
Their father must be a baker because they have perfect buns
Their father must be a baker because they have perfect buns
# 112
Pehle jaan pehchaan, phir dheere dheere dosti, phir pyar mohabbat ... phir waghera waghera
First get to know, then slowly slowly friendship, then love romance ... then etc. etc.
# 113
Duniya mein log achche ya burre nahi hote ... sirf samajhdaar ya chutiye hote hai
In this world people are not good or bad ... they are either sensible or idiots
# 114
Jawani taste karne ke liye hoti hai ... waste karne ke liye nahi
Youth is to taste ... not to waste
# 115
Sab kehte hai unse hamara chatees ka aankada hai ... humse poocho toh chatees chaubees chatees ka aankada hai
Everyone says that we are enemies ... but if you ask me then the numbers are 36-24-36
# 116
Iski subah suna rahi hai iske raat ka fasaana
Her morning is telling the story of her night
# 117
Khana khao, taqat aayega ... bahar jaake beizzati mat karana
Eat food, you will get strength ... don't humiliate us outside
# 118
Aasmaan se gire aur khajuraho mein atke
I fell from the sky and got stuck in an erotic sculpture
# 119
Honth hai ya vacuum cleaner ... zabaan toh vapas dede
Are these lips or a vacuum cleaner ... atleast give me my tongue back
# 120
Mujhe joh chahiye ... uska maaza sirf raat ko hi aata hai
What I want ... the fun for that, only comes in the night
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