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Release Year - 2003
# 1
Kabhi kabhi dosti nibhane ke liye ... doston ke saath thodi dushmani bhi karni padti hai
Sometimes to fulfill friendship ... you also have to become a small enemy of your friend
# 2
Haraam ka maal kamane ke baad aadmi sirf do hi jagah pe milta hai ... daru ke canistar mein yah rundi ke bistar mein
After earning unlawful money a man can only be found in two places ... in the alcohol drums or in the bed of a prostitute
# 3
Khoon ka rishtaa khoon bahake hi khatam kiya jaa sakta hai
Blood relationship can only be ended by shedding blood
# 4
Agar toofan ka raasta badalna mushkil ho jaye ... toh apna raasta badal lena chahiye
If it gets difficult to change the path of the storm ... then one must change their path
# 5
Tum sach ko sapna samajhke bhula dena chahti ho ... lekin main us sapne ko sach karna chahta hoon
You want to consider the truth as a dream and forget it ... but I want to make that dream a reality
# 6
Kehte hai jungle mein naya janwar aaye toh ... sabse pehle sher ko saalam karna padta hai
It is said that when a new animal comes in the jungle ... then firstly he has to salute the tiger
# 7
Cocaine ... yeh safed aur masoom dikhne waala powder, sirf naujawaan logon ko hi maut ke mooh tak nahi pahunchata ... balki is mein itna dum hai ... ki yeh kisi desh ki sarkar ko gira bhi sakta hai aur sarkar bana bhi sakta hai
Cocaine ... this innocent looking white powder, not only does take young people to the mouth of death ... but it also has the power ... to topple the government of any country and also to create one
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