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Vicky Donor

Release Year - 2012
# 1
Sperm se thoda upar aakar dekho ... heart naam ki cheez hoti hai
Come a little above the sperm ... there is a thing called heart
# 2
Shakal dekh kar bande ka sperm pehchaan jaata hoon
I can recognize the sperm of a person by looking at his face
# 3
Main bhi toh ... kid hi hoon
Even I am ... a kid
# 4
Tussi bong ho?
Are you a Bengali?
# 5
Hey jeda poora world hai na ... sperm hai
This whole world ... is from a sperm
# 6
Aye kaam legal hai ... aaj se hi nahin, Mahabharat ke time se
This work is legal ... not from today, but from the days of Mahabharata
# 7
Vadiya vadiya kha te vadiya vadiya pehen ... load na le ... asar padega sperm pe
Eat good and wear good ... don't take load ... it will affect the sperms
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