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# 181
Kya figure hai yaar ... na ek millimeter idhar na ek millimeter udhar ... upar waale ne bhi cold coffee peete hue banaya hoga yeh garma garam piece
What a figure she has ... not a millimeter here and not a millimeter there ... God must have made this hot piece while drinking cold coffee
# 182
Maana door se dekha toh moongphali hai ... paas aakar dekh tera Baahubali hai
I agree that he looks like a groundnut from a distance ... but go close and see as he's your strong and brave man
# 183
Tum nahi ho toh khum aur sagar-o-meena kya hai ... rasam-e-maikhana nibha lete hai peena kya hai ... hum barasti hui boondon mein jale hai barso ... humse pooche koi savan ka mahina kya hai
If you're not there then the bottle and alcohol mean nothing ... I followed the custom of going to the bar but drinking meant nothing ... I have burned for years in the drops that fall ... someone please ask me what does the monsoon month mean
# 184
Hyderabadi sirf biryani ke liye nahi jaane jaate ... qurbani ke liye bhi jaane jaate hai
Hyderabadi's are not only known for biryani ... they're known for giving sacrifice as well
# 185
Aye biscuit, aur ek baar chapri bola na saale ... chai mein dubo dungi, idhar-hich dhila hoke tapak jayega
Hey you biscuit, if you call me loafer one more time ... then I'll dip you in tea, and you'll get wet and you'll drop right here
# 186
Is saal tu paas ho gaya na ... toh main tujhe Cadabury doongi, woh bhi milak ki
If you pass this year ... then I will you a Cadbury (chocolate), and that to a milk one
# 187
Aap ek achche aadmi hai ... aur ek achche aadmi ke haath mein sharaab ki bottal achchi nahi lagti
You are a good man ... and an alcohol bottle does not look good in the hands of a good man
# 188
Brandy sharaab nahi hoti ... brandy toh jeene ka style hoti hai
Brandy is not alcohol ... brandy is a style of living
# 189
Ek level ke baad insaan nahi ... daaru bolne lagti hai
After a certain level a person doesn't do the talking ... the alcohol does
# 190
Pyas ab pani ho jaye, katra katra ghulab ho jaye .... tum apne haathon se joh pila do mujhko, toh mineral water bhi sharab ho jaye
The thirst may now become water, every drop may now become a rose ... and if you make me drink from your hands, then even mineral water will become alcohol
# 191
Tere bina kisi cheez mein mauj nahi ... na ladkiyan taadne mein, na chai mein, na chowmein mein
There is no fun in anything without you ... neither in staring at girls, neither in tea, neither in chow mein
# 192
Bhoot hai toh bhootni hai ... sambhar hai toh chutney hai ... zyada phailoge toh pant phatni hai
If there's a ghost then there's a witch ... if there's lentil soup then there's chutney ... if you spread a lot then your pant will tear apart
# 193
'A' for apple, 'B' for ball ki jagah ... 'M' for maa-ki aur 'B' for bhen-ki bolna seekh gaye
Instead of 'A' for apple, 'B' for ball ... we learnt to say 'M' for mother-f**ker and 'B' for bloody sister-f**ker
# 194
Sheesha ho ya dil ho aakhir toot jaata hai ... lab tak aate aate haathon se sagar choot jaata hai
Be it a mirror or the heart it breaks ... and the drink of glass slips from the hand before it reaches the lips
# 195
Saala itna pressure, itna pressure ... cooker jaise feel kar raha hoon main ... tarkaari pak rahi hai andar
Bloody I have so much pressure, so much pressure ... that I am feeling like a cooker ... and vegetables are cooking inside of me
# 196
Chai, cigarette, cheroot, beedi, paan, zarda, tambaku, brandy, whiskey yah rum ... in sab cheezo ke paale hi nahi maine gham
Tea, cigarette, cigar, beedi, betel leaf, snuff, tobacco, brandy, whiskey or rum ... I have stayed away from all these
# 197
Pizza ke tukde hote hai toh pet bharta hai ... aur jab pyar ke tukde hote hai toh aashiq marta hai
When a pizza is broken into slices then the stomach fills up ... and when love is broken into pieces then the lover dies
# 198
Yahan libaaz ki keemat hai aadmi ki nahi ... mujhe glass bada de sharab kam karde
Here there is value of a dress but not of a person ... give me less alcohol but give me in a big glass
# 199
Mumbai mein khaya, Mumbai mein piya, Mumbai mein jaga, Mumbai mein soya ... aur Vada Pav ki burai karke tera dil ek pal bhi na roya
You ate in Mumbai, you drank in Mumbai, you woke up in Mumbai, you slept in Mumbai ... and your heart was not sad for once, when you were complaining about Vada Pav
# 200
Pyar ki keemat aatey daal ke taraazo mein rakhkar nahi toli jaati ... sooli par chadkar aankhi jati hai
One doesn't weigh the price of love against flour and pulses ... it is tested by hanging to death
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