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Hema Malini

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# 1
Dum par kabhi zor se jhatka diya hota ... toh dum toh kya kuttiya bhi seedhi ho jaati hai
Had you ever pressed firmly on the tail ... then forget the tail, even the dog would have become straight
# 2
Chal Dhanno ... aaj teri Basanti ki izzat ka sawaal hai
Go Dhanno ... today is the question of Basanti's honor
# 3
Yunki, yeh kaun bola?
Hmmm, who said that?
# 4
Dekho, mujhe befuzool baat karne ki aadat toh hai nahi
Look, I don't like to talk nonsense
# 5
Yeh aaine si shafaq aankhen ... khuda inki masoomiyat mehfoos rakhe
These eyes of dawn are like a mirror ... I wish god secures their innocence
# 6
Bhagwan jab apni mutthi mein chand ko chupata hai ... toh suraj nikalta hai
When god hides the moon in his fist ... then the sun comes out
# 7
Ek achcha insaan banane ke liye aadmi ko puri zindagi bhi kam padti hai ... aur bura insaan banane ke liye sirf ek lamha kaafi hai
For a person to become into a good human being, even the whole life is less ... and to become into an evil person, even one moment is more than enough
# 8
Jeete aur marte toh janwar bhi hai ... magar insaan woh jiski zindagi ka koi maqsad ho ... aur marna woh joh kisi ke kaam aaye
Even animals live and die ... but a human is someone whose life has a meaning ... and death should be something that can be of use to someone else
# 9
Aap ghanti bajaye na bajaye ... aapke kadmo ki aahat se mere dil ki ghanti pehle se baj jati hai
Whether you ring the bell or not ... the bell in my heart rings first by the sound of your feet
# 10
Husn hai zaat meri, ishq sifat hai meri ... hoon toh main shamma, magar bhes hai parwaane ka
Beauty is my forte, love is my character ... though I'm a flame, but my outlook is of a fire fly
# 11
Joh aurat kisi ke pyar ki kasam kha chuki ho ... woh paraye mard ke haath lagne se hi mar jaati hai
A woman who has sworn upon her love ... will die even if a strange man touches her
# 12
Aap ek achche aadmi hai ... aur ek achche aadmi ke haath mein sharaab ki bottal achchi nahi lagti
You are a good man ... and an alcohol bottle does not look good in the hands of a good man
# 13
Mujhe jeetne ki bahut buri aadat hai
I have a very bad habit to win
# 14
Tumne abhi tak mere sholay nahi dekhe, sharafat dekhi hai ... jis din sharafat chhod di maine, us din koi bhi tumhara rakhwala banne se inkaar kar dega
You have seen my honesty, not my embers ... and the day I leave my honesty, no one will be ready to protect you
# 15
Duniya mein har cheez bik sakti hai ... lekin gareeb ka samman nahi
Everything in the world can be sold ... but not the honour of a poor person
# 16
Naya nau din ... purana sau din
9 days of the new generation ... are like 100 days of the old generation
# 17
Bhaagne ka naam jawani ... aur tham gayi toh thehra pani
Running is called youth ... and if you stop then it is called standing water
# 18
Meri zindagi ek saaz ban gayi hai ... aur iske har taar par sirf tumhare hi pyar ka geet gaya ja sakta hai
My life has become a musical instrument ... and on every string of it, only the song of your love can be played
# 19
Meri shaan meri laash ke saath hi giregi ... usse pehle nahi
My pride will only fall with my body ... not before
# 20
Pyar us hi se karna joh tumse pyar kare ... khud se zyada tumpar aitbaar kare
Fall in love with the one who loves you ... the one who trusts you more than themselves
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