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Pankaj Tripathi

# 1
Yahan kabootar bhi ek pankh se udhta hai ... aur doosre se apna izzat bachata hai
Here even the pigeon flies with one wing ... and protects its honor with the other wing
# 2
Agar tum apne kaam mein imaandaar ho ... toh desh ke saath gadaari kar hi nahi sakti
If you're honest in doing your job ... then you'll never be unfaithful to your country
# 3
Shudh shakahari, dal bhaat tarkaari ... sab maal sarkari
It's pure vegeterian, lentil soup and rice ... and it everything belongs to the government
# 4
Yeh duniya kitni mushkil hai auraton ke liye ... par uska hal pinjre mein qaid ho jaana nahi hai ... pinjra todke udh jaana hai
This world is very difficult for women ... but locking yourself in a cage isn't the solution for that ... the solution is to break the cage and fly away
# 5
Tumhe maar nahi rahe hai, mukht kar rahe hai ... yeh shareer tyaag do aur phir naye body mein pravesh karo ... make a fresh start
I'm not killing you, I'm just relieving you ... give up on this body and then enter into a new body ... make a fresh start
# 6
Joh log mehnat ka saath nahi chhodte ... kismat kabhi unka haath nahi chhodti
Those who don't give up on hard work ... destiny never leaves their hand
# 7
First time dekha tujhe love ho gaya ... second time mein sab ho gaya
You fall in love on the first date ... and you do everything in the second date itself
# 8
Har ek nabz kala ke liye dhadakti hai ... dawa bhi woh joh jale par namak chidhakti hai
Every pulse of mine beats for talent ... a true medicine is something that applies salt on the wound
# 9
Baba matlab note jhapat ... dikha jannat ka shortcut
A religious saint means to jump on money ... by showing people the shortcut to heaven
# 10
Main fan ke dil mein aata hoon aur dushman ke dimaag mein
I come in the heart of my fan and in the mind of my enemy
# 11
Acting kya hai, oxygen hai ... uske bagaira mar jayenge
Acting is nothing but oxygen ... we'll die without it
# 12
Yeh duniya ek akhada hai ... jhe ma sach aur jhooth naam ke dui pehalwan lad rahe hai ... aur jab tak sach naam ka pehalwan jhooth naam ke pehalwan ko pachaad nahi deta ... tab tak yeh ladai jaari rahegi
This world is an arena ... in which truth and lies are two fighters that are fighting ... and until the fighter named truth doesn't defeat the fighter named lies ... till then this fight will continue on
# 13
Jiske haath mein nyay dene ka aadhikar ho aur nyay na de ... woh hoth hai asal mritak
The one who has the power to do justice and doesn't do justice ... that person is a real dead person
# 14
Ramji ke liye aasaan tha Ravan ko maarna ... uska dus maatha tha par dikhta tha ... yahan system ke Ravan ka naa jaane kitna maatha hai, kitna munh hai, kitna aankh hai ... aur jab bhi koi munh kholta hai toh gareeb ki bali maangta hai ... uska adhikaar cheenta hai ... kaise lade is system se
It was easy for Lord Rama to kill Ravana ... even though he had ten heads but yet they were all visible ... here's the Ravana of the system has so many heads, so many mouths, so many eyes ... and whenever a mouth opens then it asks for the sacrifice of a poor person ... it steals his right ... so how should we fight against this system
# 15
Yeh karza joh hai na kutte paalne jaisa hai ... kehne ke liye suraksha karta hai ... par roz bow-bow karke roti maangega ... aur joh ek din roti na do na toh kaat dega yeh
Loan is like adopting a dog ... to say it'll protect you ... but it'll bark everyday and ask for food ... and then one day if you don't feed food then it'll bite you
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