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Release Year - 2016
# 1
Har sher mein alfaaz toh hote hai ... par har alfaaz shayari nahi ... pyar toh sab karte hai ... par har pyar junooniyat nahi
In every poem there are words ... but not every word is a poem ... everyone falls in love ... but not each and every love is passionate
# 2
Ek hawa chhuke gayi abhi abhi ... chandni pighal abhi abhi ... yeh mujhe kya ho gaya ... yeh kahan main kho gaya
Just now a gust of wind has touched me ... just now the moonlight has melted ... what has happened to me ... where have I lost myself
# 3
Pyar ek parchai ki tarah hai ... jab tak uski aadat padh jaati hai, shaam ho jaati hai
Love is like a shadow ... the sun sets by the time you get used to it
# 4
Jahan pyar hota hai wahan khalish nahi hoti ... aur agar khalish ho toh samjho pyar tha hi nahi
Where there is love, there is no pain ... and if pain is there, then understand that there was no love
# 5
Jalte hai log na jaane kyun mere junoon se ... arre ek baar toh dekh liya hota mera hunar sukoon se
I don't know why people fear my passion ... for once at least see my talent with peace
# 6
Pyar hai woh gehrai jise duniya samajh na payi
Love is that deep thing which the world has not been able to understand
# 7
Woh hawa joh tujhe chhuke gayi mujhe chhu jaaye, ek baar ... ek baar teri khushboo mujh mein simat jaaye, ek baar ... ek baar toh apne pallu se sehla ... ek baar toh apne rang phaila ... ek baar phir se deewana bana ... bas ek baar ... ek baar tere aansun meri hatheli mein tham jaaye ... ek baar teri hansi se mera aangan bhar jaaye, ek baar ... ek baar toh apna haath bada ... ek baar toh gale se laga ... chhu loon tujhe bas ek baar toh ho jaaye rab ka deedar, ek baar ... tu hai toh main hoon, tu hai toh hi hai yeh jaan ... ek baar, ek baar, bas ek baar
For once I wish that the breeze that has touched you touches me as well ... for once I wish your fragrance dissolves in me ... for once caress me with your scarf ... for once spread your colours ... for once make me crazy once again ... just for once ... for once may your tears stop in my hands ... for once may my courtyard get filled with your laughter ... for once give your hand to me ... for once embrace me ... for once if I touch you then I'll get a glimpse of god ... I'm there due to you, my life is there due to you ... for once, for once, just for once
# 8
Ae dil tu kyun rota hai ... yeh duniya hai, yahan aisa hi hota hai ... aankhon se tapke aansun toh unhe chupaya ja sakta hai ... lekin jab dil roye, ae zalim toh kya kijiye
Hey my heart, why are you crying ... these kind of things happen in the world ... if tears drop from the eyes then you can hide them ... but hey cruel one, when the heart cries then what can you do
# 9
Tumhari zindagi mein ek din aisa zaroor aayega, jab tum neend se jagogi aur apni life ko phir se rewind karke jeena chahogi ... par tab waqt nahi hoga ... humein jeena hai toh aaj jeeye, ab jeeye, ek doosre ke saath jeeye ... taaki life phir kabhi rewind karne ki zaroorat na pade
A day will definitely come in your life when you'll wake up from your sleep and you'll want to rewind your life to relive it once again ... but at that moment you won't have any time ... we should live in today, we should live in the present, we should live together ... so that there's never a need to rewind your life to relive it
# 10
Hum zindagi mein apni choice ke mutabik kuch nahi kar sakte ... yeh taqdeer, yeh kismat, yeh naseeb, destiny, yeh sab khel hai issi ka
We can't do anything in our life as per our own choice ... it's all a game of destiny and luck
# 11
Love is sacrifice, tyaag, qurbaani ... kisi bhi junoon ke liye qurbaan ho jaana, that's love
Love is sacrifice and giving up ... to sacrifice yourself for your passion, that's love
# 12
Uske intezar mein dard hai ... usse bhool jaane mein bhi dard hai ... lekin usse bhi zyada dard is confusion mein hai ki uska intezar karoon ya usse bhool jaaun
There's pain in waiting for him ... there's also pain in trying to forget him ... but there's more pain in the confusion whether to wait for him or to try to forget him
# 13
Pyar ka matlab hai juaa ... jeet gaye toh pyar ... haar gaye toh afsana
Love means to gamble ... if you win then you attain love ... if you lose then it becomes a story
# 14
Insaan kayi baar shaadi kar sakta hai lekin sacha pyar sirf ek baar hota hai ... aur bade lucky hote hai woh log jinhe junooniyat ka pyar milta hai
A person can get married multiple times but true love only happens once ... and those who attain passionate love are very lucky people
# 15
You don't lose when you lose in love ... you lose when you run away from the fear of losing
You don't lose when you lose in love ... you lose when you run away from the fear of losing
# 16
Brandy sharaab nahi hoti ... brandy toh jeene ka style hoti hai
Brandy is not alcohol ... brandy is a style of living
# 17
Pyar ko wahan nahi dhoondte jahan woh hota nahi hai ... aur jahan woh hota hai wahan chupaya bhi nahi ja sakta
You don't search for love where it doesn't exist ... and where it exists over there it can't be hidden either
# 18
Pani ka jahaaz sabse zyada safe samundar ke kinare hota hai ... lekin jahaaz kinare khade rehne ke liye nahi ... lehron se joojne ke liye banta hai
A ship is the most safe while it's on the sea shore ... but a ship is not built to stand on the sea shore ... it's built to fight against the waves
# 19
Pyar shaadi nahi hoti aur shaadi pyar nahi hota ... pyar mein insaan andha, behra, goonga aur bewakoof banke reh jaata hai ... aur shaadi mein kaan, aankh, dimaag sab kuch khul jaata hai
Love is not marriage and marriage is not love ... in love a person becomes blind, deaf, mute and a fool ... and in marriage a person's ears, eyes, brain, everything opens up
# 20
Aisi koi paheli nahi joh maine suljhai nahi ... joh na suljhe aisi fariyaad aayi nahi
There's not a riddle that I haven't solved ... what can't be solved, a request like that has never come
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