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Judwaa 2

Release Year - 2017
# 1
Raja ki izzat hai na koi Saundarya sabun ki tikiya nahi hai ... joh tu gis-giske dho-dhoke phek daale
Raja's dignity is not like a bar of Saundarya soap ... that you can scrub it as needed and then throw it away
# 2
Joh main bolta hoon, woh main karta hoon ... aur joh main nahi bolta hoon, woh main WhatsApp karta hoon
Whatever I say, I do that ... and whatever I don't say, I simply WhatsApp that
# 3
Duniya ka sabse amir insaan bhi na maa baap ke bina gareeb hota hai
Even the richest person of the world is poor without a mother and a father
# 4
Life mein main sirf do cheezon ki izzat karta hoon ... ek maa aur doosra khana ... kyun ki ek humein janam deti hai aur doosri humein zinda rakhti hai
I only respect two things in life ... one is a mother and other is food ... because one gives us birth and the other keep us alive
# 5
College mein aata hoon lekin lecture mein nahi aata hoon ... six pack mein aata hoon lekin family pack mein nahi aata hoon ... bus mein aata hoon lekin kisi ke bas mein nahi
I go to the college, but I don't attend the lecture ... I come with six pack, but not as a family pack ... I come in a bus, but no one can control me
# 6
Pehli line mein panga ... doosri line mein main nanga
You want to fight with me in your first line ... and you want to make me naked in your second line
# 7
Salamat hai har woh bete ka papa ... jiske saath hai Ganpati Bappa
Every son's father is safe ... whoever has Lord Ganesha by their side
# 8
Iski pehli line aafat thi ... lekin last line mein rahat thi
His first line was a disaster ... but there was peace in his last line
# 9
Pehle line mein honesty ... doosre line mein molesty
Honesty in the first line ... and molesty in the second line
# 10
Dil mein aata hoon samajh mein nahi ... pant mein aata hoon shirt mein nahi ... cycle pe aata hoon gaadi mein nahi ... aur sun langoth mein aata hoon shorts mein nahi
I am in the heart, but I am hard to understand ... I come wearing a pant, but not a shirt ... I come on a bicycle, and not in a car ... and listen I come wearing a loincloth, but not shorts
# 11
Maana door se dekha toh moongphali hai ... paas aakar dekh tera Baahubali hai
I agree that he looks like a groundnut from a distance ... but go close and see as he's your strong and brave man
# 12
Door se dekha toh Alia Bhatt ... paas aakar dekha toh Mahesh Bhatt
When I saw from a distance it seemed like Alia Bhatt ... but when I went closer it turned out to be Mahesh Bhatt
# 13
Ek baar aagad paachad sahi dikhe na ... toh ladka aagad paachad ghoomta rahega
If your front and back looks great ... then the boy will roam in front of you and behind you
# 14
Uska bank balance itna hai ki bank bhi balance nahi kar paata hai
He has so much bank balance that even the bank isn't able to balance that
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