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Action Jackson

Release Year - 2014
# 1
Pasand aaya toh dil mein ... nahi toh dimaag mein bhi nahi
If I like it then it's in my heart ... or else it's not even in my mind
# 2
Na commitment, na appointment ... only punishment!
No commitment, no appointment ... only punishment!
# 3
Main ek hi baar bolta hoon ... kyun ki doosri baar sunne ke liye tu nahi hoga
I only say it once ... because you won't be there to hear it for the second time
# 4
It's my way ya skyway
It's my way or the skyway
# 5
Me criminally good!
I'm criminally good!
# 6
Honth hai ya vacuum cleaner ... zabaan toh vapas dede
Are these lips or a vacuum cleaner ... atleast give me my tongue back
# 7
Pehle daru peeta tha, maar peet karta tha ... toh Singham tha ... maine isse sab kuch chhudake chewing bana diya
First he used to drink alcohol, he used fight ... then he was Singham (lion) ... I made him leave all that and turned him into a chewing gum
# 8
Mujhe bahut darr lagta hai apne aap se aur apne gusse se
I'm very scared of myself and my anger
# 9
Saala jisne daru banaya hai uska putla banana chahiye
We should make a statue of the person who invented alcohol
# 10
Meri kundli mein likha tha ki main foreign shift ho jaonga ... yeh nahi pata tha ki main yahin se hi lift ho jaonga
It was written in my horoscope that I'll shift to a foreign country ... but I didn't know that I'll die over there
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