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Aftab Shivdasani

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# 1
Deewano ki baatein sirf deewane samajhte hai
Only people in love can understand what people in love say
# 2
Happiness is nothing but the absence of sadness
Happiness is nothing but the absence of sadness
# 3
Jab mujhe pyar se pyar tha, tab tum bahut pasand thi ... ab jab mujhe pyar hi pasand nahi, toh tum kaise pasand aaogi?
When I was in love with love, then I liked you a lot ... and now that I don't like love itself, then how can I like you?
# 4
Sab kuch hai mere paas saans lene ke liye, zindagi guzaarne ke liye ... par zindagi jeene ke liye kuch bhi nahi
I have everything needed to breathe and live ... but I don't have anything to live life
# 5
Friends I have an idea ... I have a grand idea!
Friends I have an idea ... I have a grand idea!
# 6
Pyar aadmi ko pagal bana deta hai, deewana bana deta hai, khooni bana deta hai ... magar issi pyar ne mujh jaise pagal ko ek insaan bana diya
Love makes a person go mad, makes him go crazy, makes him a killer ... but this love has made a mad person like me into a human
# 7
Yahan hua late ... aur wahan nikla pet
If you're late here ... then the stomach will be out there
# 8
Pyar ko jaane bina mar jaane se toh behtar hai ... ke hum us pyar ko jaankar usse bhool jaye
Rather than dying without knowing your love ... it is better that we know about that love and forget about it
# 9
Hum is baar shehar ki mem ke saath A-B-C-D nahi ... gaanv ki gori ke saath Ka-Kha-Ga ... Fa karenge
This time we don't do A-B-C-D with a gorgeous city girl ... but with a beautiful village girl we'll do Ka-Kha-Ga ... and F**k
# 10
Krishna kare toh raas leela ... hum kare toh character dheela
If Lord Krishna does it then it's dance and play ... but if I do it then my character is loose
# 11
Sapne mein matka ... reality mein jhatka ... upar wale tu kahan laake patka
A pot in the dreams ... a jerk in reality ... oh god, where have you thrown me
# 12
Duniya bhar ki masti tumhare pyar ki barabari nahi kar sakti ... aur aaj us hi pyar ki kasam khate hai ... mar jayenge par tumhe kabhi dhokha nahi denge
All the entertainment of the world can't equal your love ... and today I swear on that love ... that I'll die, but I'll never cheat on you
# 13
Dal pak gayi, tandoor bhi ban gaya ... lekin ab main tumhare tan se door nahi reh sakta
The lentil is cooked, the meat is ready ... and now I can't stay away from your body
# 14
Is comic chehre ke peeche bhi ek dil hai ... joh tumhare liye bahut serious hai
There is also a heart behind this comic face ... which is very serious for you
# 15
Tum sach ko sapna samajhke bhula dena chahti ho ... lekin main us sapne ko sach karna chahta hoon
You want to consider the truth as a dream and forget it ... but I want to make that dream a reality
# 16
Tum mahaan ho, bhagwan ka vardaan ho ... mere jeene ka samaan ho
You are great, you are God's blessing ... and you are the purpose of my living
# 17
Kehte hai jungle mein naya janwar aaye toh ... sabse pehle sher ko saalam karna padta hai
It is said that when a new animal comes in the jungle ... then firstly he has to salute the tiger
# 18
Chandni mein nahaye nadi ki tarah hai woh ... swarg se utari apsara hai woh
She is like a river that has taken a bath in moonlight ... and she is a beauty that has come down from heaven
# 19
Hamari zindagi mein na hi koi mazaa hai, na hi koi masti ... balki ek aaisi bhel puri hai jis mein chutney nahi hai ... ek aaisi kulfi hai jis mein malai nahi ... ek aaisi daal hai jis mein tadka nahi
In our lives there is no fun and no mischief ... infact it has become a savoury snack without any chutney ... a sweet without any cream ... a lentil soup without any spice
# 20
Kisi bhi cheez mein itni sachchai nahi ho sakti ... jitni tumse milne ki meri khwaish mein hai
No one thing can have so much truth ... that my wish has to meet you
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