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Kill Dil

Release Year - 2014
# 1
Tabse gun chala raha hoon ... jabse tu apne maa ke andhar nahi, apne baap ke andhar tha
I am firing a gun ... not since you were inside your mother, but since you were inside your father
# 2
Laundiya ko ghumana ho, jeb mein haath daalo note nikal aata hai ... laundiya ko gol-gappa khilana ho, jeb mein haath daalo note nikal aayega ... laundiya ko cinema dikhana ho, jeb mein haath daalo ... kya nikal aata hai? ... (note) ... lekin jab jeb phatti hogi, us mein haath daloge toh kya nikaloge ... ghanta!
When you want to go out with a girl, just put your hand in the pocket and money comes out ... if you want to treat a girl with a snack, just put your hand in the pocket and money comes out ... if you want to watch a movie with a girl, just put your hand in the pocket ... and what comes out? ... (money) ... but if your pocket is torn, what will you remove using your hand ... nothing!
# 3
Bacha paida kahin bhi ho ... banta waisa hi hai jahan bada hota hai
It doesn't matter where a child is born ... he becomes just like the place where he grows up
# 4
Moongphali mein chilke aur laundiya mein nakhre na hote ... toh zindagi kitni aasaan hoti
If groundnuts didn't have the skin and if women didn't have tantrums ... then how easy life would have been
# 5
Aaise aaise surpises diye hai ... samne waale ne agle saal se birthday manana hi bandh kar diya
We have given such surprises ... that the people receiving them have stopped celebrating their birthdays from the following year
# 6
Ek khwaab ne aankhen kholi hai ... kya modh aaya hai kahani mein ... woh bheeg rahi hai baarish mein ... aur aag lagi hai paani mein
A dream has opened it's eyes ... what a twist has come in the story ... she is getting wet in the rain ... and there is fire in the water
# 7
'A' for apple, 'B' for ball ki jagah ... 'M' for maa-ki aur 'B' for bhen-ki bolna seekh gaye
Instead of 'A' for apple, 'B' for ball ... we learnt to say 'M' for mother-f**ker and 'B' for bloody sister-f**ker
# 8
Gun chalane ke liye finger mein nahi backside mein dum hona chahiye
To fire a gun you need courage in your backside and not in your finger
# 9
Ladki aadmi ko ganne se gudh bana deti hai
A woman turns a man from sugarcane into jaggery
# 10
Ek ladki joh chhat se apne papa ko dhakel de, usse ka kehte hai batao? ... push-paa!
What do you call a girl who pushes her father from the terrace? ... Pushpa!
# 11
Seeti bajhi rail ki alert ho jaiye ... ticket katti aapki, seedha upar jaiye
Get alert with the horn of the train ... your ticket is out, hence you'll go straight up (to god)
# 12
Lahu luhaan hua hai falak, yeh kaisa loha phigla hai ... ek suraj doob gaya peeche, ek suraj samne nikla hai
The horizon has become bloody, what kind of iron has melted ... one sun has set behind us, and one sun is rising in front of us
# 13
Soovar ko saala goo hi khana chahiye ... jahan usne gulkand pe mooh mara, haazma kharab hona hi hai
A bloody pig should only eat shit ... the moment he tries to eat a sweet, his digestion will get disrupted
# 14
Koi atka hua hai pal shayad ... waqt main pad gaya hai bal shayad ... dil agar hai toh dard bhi hoga ... iska koi nahi hai hal shayad
A moment seems to be stuck ... time seems to be under crisis ... if there's a heart then there's bound to be pain ... there seems to be no solution to this
# 15
Tarcol ki ek sadak par do saaye hai ... andhere ki najayaz aulaad hai shayad ... ghoont ghoont khoon pee kar dono pale hai shayad ... paon tale zameen hai na sar pe aasmaan hai ... zindagi kuchal gayi, yeh unki daastan hai
On the asphalt road there are two shadows ... may be they are the illegitimate children of darkness ... may be they have grown up drinking blood ... they neither have ground beneath their feet nor a sky above their heads ... this is the tale of those whose lives have been crushed
# 16
(Aap log karte kya hai?) - Maar-keting ... boss target deta hai aur hum target poore karte hai
(What do you guys do?) - We do marketing ... the boss gives us a target and we finish that target
# 17
Isko daru na mile toh hangover ho jaata hai
If he doesn't get alcohol then he gets a hangover
# 18
Sari zindagi kai tasveerein seene se lagayi rakhi ... kabhi khud ki tasveer yaad nahi rakhi
All my life I kept a lot of pictures close to my heart ... but I never remembered my own picture
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