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Anupam Kher

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# 1
Aurat bhi kya cheez hai ... kuch kaho toh mooh phula leti hai ... aur kuch karo toh pet phula leti hai
What a thing a woman is ... if you say anything then her face swells ... and if you do anything then her belly swells
# 2
Mohabbat ka naam aaj bhi mohabbat hai ... yeh na kabhi badli hai aur na kabhi badlegi
Even today the name of love is love ... it has never changed and it will never change
# 3
Fail hona aur padhai na karna ... hamare khandaan ki parampara hai
To fail and to not study ... is the tradition of our family
# 4
Dimaag mein kitaaben bharne se jeben thodhi bharti hai
You cannot fill your pockets (with money) by filling books in your brain
# 5
Tumhari harkatein, kutte ki dum aur Katrina ki Hindi ... aaisi hai joh kabhi seedhi ho hi nahi sakti
Your behavior, a dog's tale and Katrina's Hindi ... are such that they can never become straight
# 6
Sachcha pyar kabhi khali haath wapas nahi aata hai
True love never comes back empty handed
# 7
Yeh shakal se H20 hai aur akal se H2SO4 hai
He is H2O (water) by face and H2SO4 (sulfuric acid) by brains
# 8
Ek minute ki value kisi ek olympic runner se pooch ... ek minute ki value toaster mein jalte hue slice se pooch ... unatees minute ke baad delivery karne waale pizza boy se pooch
Ask the value of a minute to an olympic runner ... ask the value of a minute to the slice which is burning in the toaster ... and to the pizza boy who delivers after 29 minutes
# 9
Shaheedon ke liye aasoon nahi bahaya karte ... unka apmaan hota hai
Don't shed tears for the martyred ... they get dishonored
# 10
Aaj se main tera kambal tu meri razai ... main tera Honda tu meri Hyundai ... main tera langot tu meri neck tie ... main tujhe salaam karta hoon bhai
From today I am your blanket and you are my quilt ... I am your Honda and you are my Hyundai ... I am your loincloth and you are my neck tie ... I salute you my brother
# 11
Kisi insaan ka gussa uski umar se bada nahi hota
The anger of any person is not bigger than their age
# 12
Maafi se pyar badhta hai
Love grows with an apology
# 13
Yeh hamare hero hai ... ek phone aaya aur pet kharab ho gaya
He is our hero ... one phone call came and he got diarrhea
# 14
Hamari country mein jab tak black nahi diya toh naya ghar nahi khareed sakte ... dahej nahi diya toh shaadi nahi hoti
In our country until you give black money you can't buy a new house ... and if you don't give dowry then a marriage can't happen
# 15
Woh log kamzor hote hai jinhe zindagi jahan chahti hai wahan le jati hai
The people whose life takes them where it wants are weak
# 16
Door se dekha toh Alia Bhatt ... paas aakar dekha toh Mahesh Bhatt
When I saw from a distance it seemed like Alia Bhatt ... but when I went closer it turned out to be Mahesh Bhatt
# 17
Aaj rajneeti mein sabko insecurity hai ... is liye sabko security hai
Today in politics everyone is insecure ... that's why everyone has security
# 18
Rishton mein ek baar daraar padh jaaye ... toh zindagiyan lag jaati unhe bharne mein
Once a dividing line is formed between relationships ... then multiple life's are needed to fill them up
# 19
Taqleef is baat ki nahi ki log mar jaate hai ... taqleef is baat ki hai ki log zinda rehkar bhi nahi jeete
I'm not troubled by the fact that people die ... I'm troubled by the fact that people don't live when they are alive
# 20
Yeh khoon bhi saali badi ajeeb cheez hai ... apne nikle toh dard hota hai ... lekin doosre ke nikle toh mazaa aata hai
Blood is a very strange thing ... it pains when we are bleeding ... but if someone else is bleeding then it is fun
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