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# 1
Bande hain hum uske, hum pe kiska zor ... umeedo ke suraj, nikle chaaron aurr ... iraade hai fauladi, himmati har kadam ... apne haatho kismat likhne, aaj chale hain hum
I am God's man, who could dare to defy me ... the Sun of hopes, is out in all directions ... my intentions are solid, and there is courage in every step ... I have set forth today, to write my own destiny
# 2
Main udna chahta hoon, daudna chahta hoon, girna bhi chahta hoon ... bus rukna nahi chahta
I want to fly, I want to run, I even want to fall ... I just don't want to stop
# 3
Bachcha kabil bano, kabil ... kamyabi toh saali jhak maarke peeche bhagegi
Be capable my son, capable ... success will follow you no matter what
# 4
Chahe hum mein ek waqt ki roti na mile, badan pe kapde na ho, sarr pe chatt na ho ... lekin jab desh ki aan ki baat aati hai ... tab hum jaan ki baazi laga dete hai
Even if we don't get a one time meal, even if we don't have clothes on our body, even if we don't have a roof on our head ... but when it comes to the pride of our country ... then we put our lives forward for it
# 5
Jinke apne sapne poore nahi hote na ... woh doosron ke sapne poore kartein hai
Those who don't fulfill their own dreams ... they fulfill others dreams
# 6
Don't underestimate the power of a common man
Don't underestimate the power of a common man
# 7
Joh haarta hai, wohi toh jeetne ka matlab jaanta hai
The one who loses, is the one who knows the meaning of winning
# 8
Computer ne insaan ko nahi banaya hai ... insaan ne computer ko banaya hai ... is liye joh dimaag kar sakta hai, woh aapka computer nahi kar sakta hai
The computer did not make humans ... the humans made the computer ... that's why what a mind can do, a computer can't
# 9
Log apni zindagi banate hai ... main apni jannat banata hoon
People make their own life ... I make my own heaven
# 10
Roti ke bina insaan chaar hafte jee sakta hai, pani ke bina chaar din aur hawa ke bina shayad chaar minute ... lekin umeed ke bina insaan chaar second bhi nahi jee sakta hai
A person can live for 4 weeks without food, 4 days without water and may be 4 minutes without air ... but a person can't even live for 4 seconds without hope
# 11
Hum kitne din jiye yeh zaroori nahi ... hum un dino mein kitna jeeye yeh zaroori hai
How many days we live is not important ... what's important is how much we live in those days
# 12
Nafrat ko nafrat nahi, sirf pyar mitta sakta hai ... bas zaroorat hai kisi ke haath ki ... joh kheench kar usse andheron mein se ujalon mein la sake
Hatred cannot erase hatred, only love can ... you just need a hand ... that can pull you from darkness into light
# 13
Khiladi tha ... ab pura khel hoon
I was a player ... now I am the game
# 14
Sahi direction mein utha har kadam ... apne aap mein ek manzil hai ... after all life is all about the next step
Every step that moves in the right direction ... is a goal in itself ... after all life is all about the next step
# 15
Himmat batai nahi ... dikhai jaati hai
Courage is not to be told ... it is to be shown
# 16
Hum aankhon se soorma nahin churate ... hum aankhen hi chura lete hain
I don't steal color from the eyes ... I steal the eyes themselves
# 17
Duniya ke sabse behtareen aur mashoor kalakar woh log hote hai jinki apni ek ada hoti hai ... woh ada joh kisi ki nakal karne se nahi aati ... woh ada joh unke saath janam leti hai
The best and famous performers of this world are those people who have their own style ... the style that doesn't come by imitating others ... the style that is born with them
# 18
Apni kamyabi ko itna chota mat samjho ... sirf naseeb waalo ko naseeb hoti hai yeh
Don't consider your success small ... only people with good luck get it
# 19
Hum toh falak ke taare the ... zameen pe aaye toh pehchaan payi, mazhab paya, rang paya, zubaan payi ... hum nikle the jannat dhoondne ... par har modh pe, har makaam pe, nafrat jung aur sarhad payi ... par apne tevar ka sikka ek din chalega zaroor ... khoon ubaal marega zamana badlega zaroor ... khud ko buland karenge ... rab ke bandhe hai hum ... gunday the, gunday hai, gunday rahenge hum
We were the stars from the sky ... when we came to the earth we got an identity, religion, colour, language ... we had left to find the heaven ... but on every turn, on every destination, we found hatred war and borders ... but the coin of our attitude will work one day ... the blood will boil and the world will change ... we will make ourselves strong ... we are the messengers of God ... we were goons, we are goons and we will remain goons
# 20
Aal izz well ... Aal izz well
All is well ... All is well
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