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Horror Dialogues

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# 1
Bhoot bhoot ... inki maa ki
Ghost ghost ... to hell with you'll
# 2
Daayan raat ki rani hoti hai
A witch is the queen of the night
# 3
If there is evil then there is god ... and it's not possible to fight evil without the help of god
If there is evil then there is god ... and it's not possible to fight evil without the help of god
# 4
Shaitan ki ek khasiyat hai ... apne hi janaze mein shamil hona uski fitrat hai ... nafrat uska hathyar, gussa uska barood ... humdardi usse aati nahi aur pyar koi usse karta nahi
The devil has one specialty ... it's in his nature to be present in his own funeral ... hatred is his weapon, anger is his gunpowder ... he doesn't know to sympathize and no one loves him
# 5
Hum jism nahi, rooh ko bas mein karne ka shauk rakhte hai ... ujaalon mein nahi, andheron mein savarte hai
I like to control the soul, and not the body ... I dress up in the darkness, and not in the light
# 6
Kudrat ka ussool hai ... ki ek atma do shareeron mein nahi reh sakti
It is the rule of nature ... that one soul cannot stay in two bodies
# 7
Marte toh woh hai joh janam lete hai
People die only if they are born
# 8
Raat kitni hi bhayanak kyun na ho ... subah zaroor hoti hai
No matter how dangerous the night is ... the morning definitely comes
# 9
Horror film ka asli mazaa toh raat ko akele mein hi aata hai
The real fun of a horror film comes when you watch it alone at night
# 10
Is haveli mein rehne waala har insaan marega ... yeh haveli nahi maut ka ghar hai
Every person living in this mansion will die ... this mansion is a house of death
# 11
Ek daayan ki saari shakti uski chhoti mein bandh hoti hai ... aur ek pechaaz ki saari shakti uski gardan mein bandh hoti hai
A witch has all her powers tied up in her hair ... and a demon has all his powers tied up inside his neck
# 12
Insaan ke marne ke liye jail se buri jagah aur aatma ke janam ke liye jail se achchi jagah duniya mein nahi hai
In this world the jail is the worst place for a human to die and the best place for a spirit to be born
# 13
Har buri aatma ka ek iraada hota hai
Every bad soul has an intention
# 14
Duniya mein koi bhoot pret, koi jungli janwar is insaan naam ke janwar se zyada khatarnak nahi hota ... nuksaan toh sirf jeete jaagte insaan hi pahunchate hai
In this world no ghost or spirit, no wild animal is more dangerous than the animal named human ... because only the living humans hurt us
# 15
Aap sirf insaanon ka ilaaj karna jante hai ... bhigdi hui atmaon ka nahi
You only know how to treat humans ... not bad souls
# 16
Normal logon ke saath raha karo ... paranormal logon ke saath nahi
Stay with normal people ... not with paranormal people
# 17
Mare hue log kabr se nahin dara karte
Dead people are not scared of graves
# 18
Jab hum kisi zinda aadmi ke bare mein janane ki koshish karte hai toh uske janam se shuru karte hai ... aur jab kisi rooh ki bare mein janane ki koshish karte hai toh uske shareer ki mrityu se shuru karte hai
When we try to find out about a living person then we start from their birth ... and when we try to find out about a spirit then we start from the death of their body
# 19
Pagal woh nahi hote hai jise bhoot dikhte hai ... pagal woh hote hai jise insaan nahi dikhte
People who see ghosts are not mad ... instead people who don't see humans are mad
# 20
Ek baar kisi daayan ke saath so lo ... toh phir kisi aur ke saath neend hi nahi aati
Once you sleep with a witch ... then you'll not be able to sleep with anyone else
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