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Band Baaja Baaraat

Release Year - 2010
# 1
Milte hain market mein
I will meet you in the market
# 2
Business ka first rule ... jiske saath vyapaar karo, usse kabhi na pyar karo
First rule of business ... with whom you trade, never fall in love with them
# 3
Main tujhe bahut bahut bahut love karoonga aur tujhse dher sara love loonga ... bol degi love?
I'll love you a lot and I'll take a lot of love from you ... what say will you give me love?
# 4
Aaj friend bol raha hai ... kal I love you bol dega
Today you are calling me a friend ... tomorrow you might say I love you
# 5
Love shav ke complication mein to mujhko waise hi ni padna
I don't want to get involved in the complications of love etc.
# 6
One hundred percent total dedication to one client ... start to finish no compromise ... mother promise
100% total dedication to one client ... start to finish no compromise ... mother promise
# 7
Tere bina kisi cheez mein mauj nahi ... na ladkiyan taadne mein, na chai mein, na chowmein mein
There is no fun in anything without you ... neither in staring at girls, neither in tea, neither in chow mein
# 8
Main India ki the best wedding planner banugi
I will become India's best wedding planner
# 9
Partner bana le please ... achcha partner nahi to sectery, assistant ... arre peon hi bana le
Please make me a partner ... ok if not partner then secretary, assistant ... atleast make me a peon
# 10
Ye ladki? ... upar upar se, iski packeting phad ke dekho na ... das tagde bande niklenge ander se
She girl? ... only from the outside, when you tear her packaging ... 10 strong men will come from inside
# 11
Wedding you two ... planning us two
You two get wedded ... we two will do the planning
# 12
Topi rakho ... kissi aur ko pehnana
Keep your cap ... put it on someone else
# 13
Shit bhi bolti hai toh lagta hai FM baj gaya
It sounds like FM is playing even if she says shit
# 14
Saale rasta bhar photo khichte aa rahen hain ... camel photo cow aoo photo ... gada ullu kauva kabotar ... photo photo photo
Bloody, all along the road they have been clicking photos ... camel photo cow wow photo ... donkey owl crow pigeon ... photo photo photo
# 15
Le, bread pakore ki kasam!
Here, I swear on bread pakora!
# 16
Reception ho yah inflation ... shadiyaan toh honi hai
Whether it is reception or inflation ... marriages will happen
# 17
Dulha scooter pe aayega!
Bridegroom will come on a scooter!
# 18
Tu arrange shaadi karegi?
Will you do an arranged marriage?
# 19
Tu bach ke rahiyo phakkad Kakkar!
Watch out you loser Kakkar!
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