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# 121
Jack and Jill gaye sumdi mein hill, laane ko pail of water ... Jack tapakgela, Jill atakgeli, life mein locha thereafter
Jack and Jill went hidingly to the hill, to get a pail of water ... Jack fell down, Jill got stuck, and their life was a problem thereafter
# 122
Chand ubharta hua, bujhte huye chehre dekho ... chandni chhitki hai, cha jaye andhera jaise ... is tarah tootkar bhikre hai zameen par sapne ... lut gaya ho kisi baraat ka dera jaise
Look at the rising moon and the setting faces ... the moonlight sparkles, and it is dark ... the dreams are broken and lying on the floor ... as if the group of a procession has been stolen
# 123
Yeh joh pyar mohabbat ishq hai, is mein meetha meetha risk hai ... yeh kaisa prem game hai, jis mein sab kuch toh fix hai ... dil ke aaine ko dekho, tera chehra us mein mix hai
In love and romance there is some sweet risk ... what type of a love game is this, in which everything is fixed ... look at the mirror of love, your face is mixed in it
# 124
Hickory dickory aane dock ... hoon karu chhu walk aane aa saaro kare chhe talk
Hickory dickory dock ... I can walk and this rascal can talk
# 125
Bandar ke haath mein yeh saaz dekhiye aur ulloo ke sar pe yeh taj dekhiye ... joh dekha kabhi na woh aaj dekhiye ... hasegi joh dekhegi duniya tamaam ... kaisi yeh jodi milayi mere Ram
Look at the musical instrument in the hands of a monkey and look at the crown on the head of an owl ... today look at what you have never seen before ... the whole world will laugh when they look at this ... what a pair have you made lord Ram
# 126
Yaadon ke jharokhon mein beeti hui baaton ko ... ukdhi hui saanson mein kuch lamhon ke raazon ko ... pyar ki shabnam mein unsune geeton ko ... sunsaan si rahon mein bhoole hue vaadon ko ... kaise koi yaad kare, kaise koi yaad kare ... khamosh sadaaon mein sapnon bhari raaton ko ... bheege hue mausam mein sarke hue aanchal ko ... moondi hui aankhon mein dhadakte nainon ko ... adh-khule hoton mein pritam ke chumman ko ... kaise koi yaad kare, kaise koi yaad kare
The past things in the windows of memories ... the secrets of some moments in the disturbed breathes ... the unheard songs in the dew of love ... the forgotten promises on the lonely paths ... how can one remember that, how can one remember that ... the nights filled with dreams in the silent voices ... the disturbed scarf in the wet weather ... the moving eyeballs in the blinking eyes ... the kiss with your lover with his half open lips ... how can one remember that, how can one remember that
# 127
Mainu Delhi nahi le jana ... mera chitta singhasan yahin banana ... mera mooh dushman var rakhna jab mainu aag lagana ... humne nahi seekha dushman ko peeth dikhana ... mere shastra mere saath sulana ... amrit kande taar da mere mooh vich paana ... "Bole So Nihal" da nara lagana ... main markar bhi ladunga, mera bhog na paana
Don't take me Delhi ... make the throne for my pyre right here ... keep my face pointing towards the enemy when you burn me ... I haven't learnt to show my back to the enemy ... keep my weapons next to me ... put the holy water in my mouth ... keep shouting "Bole So Nihal" (whoever utters, shall be fulfilled) ... I'll fight even after dying, don't have the death ceremony for me
# 128
Duniya badi baawari, patthar pujan jaye ... ghar ki chakki koi na puje, jaako piso khaye
The world is crazy, it worships stones ... but no one worships the grinding stone of the house, which grinds and gives us bread
# 129
Har baal ki khaal ki yeh chaal bhi kha jaaye ... iske haath padh jaaye toh mahiney saal bhi kha jaaye ... kisi behal ka bacha haal joh haal kha jaaye ... bemaut marte mann ka yeh malaal kha jaaye ... Lalu ka laal kha jaaye, naxal baari ki naal kha jaaye, bachpan ka dhamaal kha jaaye, budhape ki shawl kha jaaye ... haya toh chhodo behaya ki chaal bhi kha jaaye ... aur agar parosa ja sake toh khayal bhi kha jaaye
He can even eat the covering of the hair's skin ... if he can get it then he will even eat months and years ... he can even eat the remaining well-being of someone unwell ... he can even eat the sadness of an untimely dying heart ... he can eat the son of Lalu, he can eat the guns of naxalites, he can eat the fun of childhood, he can eat the shawl of old age ... leave aside shyness, he can even eat the style of a shameless ... and if it's possible to put it on a plate, he'll even eat a thought
# 130
Tang aa chuke hai kashmakash-e-zindagi se hum ... thukra dein jahaan ko kahin bedili se hum ... hum ghamzada hai laaye kahan se khushi ke geet ... denge wohi joh paayenge is zindagi se hum ... ubhrenge ek baar abhi dil ke valvale ... maana ke dab gaye hai gham-e-zindagi se hum ... lo aaj humne todh diya rishta-e-umeed ... lo ab kabhi gilaa na karenge kisi se hum
I'm tired of the dilemma in life ... I'll ignore the world with dissatisfaction ... I'm full off sorrows, from where should I get the songs of happiness ... I'll give what I get from this life ... the spirit of the heart will rise for once ... I agree that I'm supressed by the sadness in my life ... today I've broken the relationship of hope ... hence now I won't complain to anyone
# 131
Chal padhe jidhar bhi ek pag ... chal padhe hazaron pag ussi aur ... gadh gayi jidhar bhi ek drishti ... gahd gaye hazaron drig ussi aur
The direction in which one leg moves ... thousands of legs start moving in that direction ... where one vision gets stuck ... over there thousands of eyes have got stuck
# 132
Kahan hai woh ladki jiske daaman mein mooh chupakar insaan sari duniya ko bhool sake ... kahan hai woh ladki jise dekhkar mann bol uthe, is paar yeh madhu hai, tum ho, us paar na jaane kya hoga ... kahan hai woh ladki jise dekhte hi yeh mehsoos ho, ki jise main janam janam se dhoond raha hoon woh yahi hai ... kahan hai woh ladki jiske baare mein Tagore ne kaha tha, teri neeli aankhen ek gehri jheel ki tarah hai, jee chahta hai main un mein doob doob jaon ... kahan hai woh ladki joh mere saath sagar ki machalti lehron mein kood padegi, kahan hai woh ladki joh mere saath jayegi
Where is that girl in whose scarf a person can hide his face and forget the entire world ... where is that girl seeing whom the heart says, that there is sweetness and you on this side, but who knows what will be there on the other side ... where is that girl seeing whom I feel that, the one who I was searching for since ages is here ... where is that girl for whom Rabindranath Tagore had said that, your blue eyes are like a deep lake, and I wish to drown in that ... where is that girl who will jump with me in crazy waves of the sea, where is that girl who will come with me
# 133
Teri aankhon mein doobun, ya teri palkon se khel karun ... ya kho jaun teri zulfon ke jungle mein, ya apna dil rakh doon tere komal pairon ke neeche ... ab shuru kahan se ho jaun, yeh nahi samjh mein aata hai ... is beautiful manzar ke aage kiska bas chal pata hai
Should I drown in your eyes, or should I play with your eyelids ... or should I get lost in the jungle of your hair, or should I keep my heart under your soft feet ... now from where should I start, I don't understand that ... no one has control in front of this scene
# 134
Chhoti chhoti jal ki boondein sagar ko bhar deti hai ... balu ki rach nanhi nanhi sukar bhoomi rach deti hai ... kshan kshan kaal ikkattha hokar lamba yug ban jaata hai ... kshan ko shuksma na samjho bhai ... yeh jag ka nirmata hai
Little drops of water make the mighty ocean ... little grains of sand make the beautiful land ... little moments get together and make the mighty ages of eternity ... don't consider these little moments useless my brother ... they are the creators of the earth
# 135
Jack and Johnny went up the hill to live in love and laughter ... Jack ki leli papa ne aur Johnny chup gaya bhaagkar
Jack and Johnny went up the hill to live in love and laughter ... Jack was scolded by his father and Johnny just ran away and was hiding
# 136
Ek toh yeh shehar naya, upar se yeh naukri nayi ... aur koi jana pehchana nahi, kisi ke ghar ghusne ka bahana nahi ... ek ajnabi pe bharosa kare, aaisa toh koi zamana nahi ... in short rehne ka thikana nahi
This city is new to me, on top of that this job is new for me ... no one knows me and I don't have any reason to enter anyones house ... also it is not an era where we can trust a stranger ... in short I don't have a place to stay
# 137
London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down ... chal karde apne meter down, meter down, meter down
London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down ... come on get your meter down, meter down, meter down
# 138
Falak se awaaz hai ke aao ... tumhare layak na thi woh duniya ... tumhari khatir hum aasman par ek aur duniya saja rahe hai ... khuda ka irshaad ho raha hai ... falak nasheeno salaam bhejo ... lahu mein doobey shaheed-e-ulfat meri panahon mein aa rahe hai ... meri panahon mein aa rahe hai ... meri panahon mein aa rahe hai
There is a call from the skies to come ... this world is unfit for you ... we are decorating another new world for you in the skies ... it's God's order ... that the shining stars in the skies send your message ... the martyrs of love drenched in blood are coming into my protection ... are coming into my protection ... are coming into my protection
# 139
Rishtey bina hai jis tarah, saaye bina aadmi ... dil ki kisi dori se hai, bandha hua aadmi ... lamba safar umar ka hai, tanha guzarta nahi ... sar par agar dhoop na ho, saaya utarta nahi ... dil ka yeh sikka chal jaane de ... rishta yeh rishta pak jaane de
A person without a relationship is like a person without a shadow ... a person tied with some string of the heart ... the long journey of life doesn't pass with loneliness ... if there isn't sunlight on the head then the shadow doesn't come out ... let the coin of the heart move ... let this relationship mature
# 140
Kholo kholo apni aankhen aur gaur se suno ... dene ko toh bahut kuch hai, par apna sa kuch dena chahti hoon ... ek boond suraj ki, ek qatra aasman ka, koyal ki aadhi kook aur kuch jagmagate sapne ... achcha lage toh aur maango ... dene ko toh bahut kuch hai, par apna sa kuch dena chahti hoon ... aasman sa aaina, ek dibbi titliyon ki, ek chamach nadi ki dhar aur ek mutthi zindagi ... achcha lage toh aur maango ... dene ko toh bahut kuch hai, par apna sa kuch dena chahti hoon
Open your eyes and listen carefully ... I have so many things to give, but I want to give something personal ... one drop of the sun, a fragment of the sky, half song of the cuckoo bird and some glittering dreams ... if you like it then ask for more ... I have so many things to give, but I want to give something personal ... the sky like a mirror, a box of butterflies, a spoon of the river and one handful of life ... if you like it then ask for more ... I have so many things to give, but I want to give something personal
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