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Yodha (1991)

Release Year - 1991
# 1
Chal padhe jidhar bhi ek pag ... chal padhe hazaron pag ussi aur ... gadh gayi jidhar bhi ek drishti ... gahd gaye hazaron drig ussi aur
The direction in which one leg moves ... thousands of legs start moving in that direction ... where one vision gets stuck ... over there thousands of eyes have got stuck
# 2
Jab ek ki doosre se ranjish ho, usse dushmani kaha jaata hai ... aur jab do yodha mil jaye, usse jung ka elaan
When there is animosity between two people, it's called as enmity ... and when two knights unite, it's called the announcement of a war
# 3
Gunehghar aur mujrim ka rishta ya kanoon se hota hai ... ya phir bandook ki goli se
A culprit or a criminal is either related to the law ... or a bullet from a gun
# 4
Maut roz toh nahi aati, sirf ek baar aati hai ... aur uska din aur samay bhagwan muqarar karta hai ... darwaaze pe cheekne waala dushman nahi
Death doesn't come everyday, it just comes once ... and god decides the day and time for that ... not the enemy who shouts on your door
# 5
Main goli aur boli dono zubaane jaanta hoon
I know the language of bullet and words both
# 6
Aaj main tujhe tab tak maaroonga ... jab tak tu apni arthi par letne ke kaabil nahi ho jaata
Today I'll keep hitting you ... until you are in a condition to lie down on your pyre
# 7
Dimaag ki charbi ke saath saath main badan ki charbi bhi nikal deta hoon
Along with removing attitude from the brain, I also remove the fat from the body
# 8
Kisse, kab aur kaise ... is jahan se doosre jahan mein bhejna hai ... is baat ka faisla main karta hoon
Who, when and how ... has to be sent from this world to another world ... I take that decision
# 9
Noton ki gaddiyan mooh mein lekar bhaunkne waalon ki ... hum mein koi parwah nahi
Those who bark with a bundle of money in their mouth ... we don't care about them
# 10
Zindagi ke imtehan mein aaise mauke bhi aate hai ... jab insaan ko sachchai chupani padti hai
In the exam of life some situations come ... where a person has to hide the truth
# 11
Jis din sahi mauka mila main us haramzade ko barbaad kar doonga ... aur phir log meri izzat karenge, mere paas kursi hogi, taqat hogi ... kanoon mera ghulam hoga aur kanoon ki devi meri rakhail
The day I get the right opportunity I'll destroy that bastard ... and then people will respect me, I'll have the position, the power ... the law will be my slave and lady of the law will be my mistress
# 12
Kanoon tere haathon ka khilona hai ... khoon karna tera pesha hai ... gharon ko barbaad karna tera karam hai ... duniya mein makkari phailana tera dharam hai ... tu laathi se nahi goliyon ke dum par is duniya mein jee raha hai
The law is a toy in your hands ... killing someone is your occupation ... destroying homes is your deed ... spreading cunningness is your religion ... and you're living in this world on the basis of a bullet and not a stick
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