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Release Year - 1960
# 1
Bholi bhali shakal waale hote hai jallad se ... bewafaaon se pyar kaun kare, husn ka aitbaar kaun kare
Those who have innocent faces are like executioners ... no one wants to love the dishonest people, no one wants to trust a beautiful body
# 2
Kahan hai woh ladki jiske daaman mein mooh chupakar insaan sari duniya ko bhool sake ... kahan hai woh ladki jise dekhkar mann bol uthe, is paar yeh madhu hai, tum ho, us paar na jaane kya hoga ... kahan hai woh ladki jise dekhte hi yeh mehsoos ho, ki jise main janam janam se dhoond raha hoon woh yahi hai ... kahan hai woh ladki jiske baare mein Tagore ne kaha tha, teri neeli aankhen ek gehri jheel ki tarah hai, jee chahta hai main un mein doob doob jaon ... kahan hai woh ladki joh mere saath sagar ki machalti lehron mein kood padegi, kahan hai woh ladki joh mere saath jayegi
Where is that girl in whose scarf a person can hide his face and forget the entire world ... where is that girl seeing whom the heart says, that there is sweetness and you on this side, but who knows what will be there on the other side ... where is that girl seeing whom I feel that, the one who I was searching for since ages is here ... where is that girl for whom Rabindranath Tagore had said that, your blue eyes are like a deep lake, and I wish to drown in that ... where is that girl who will jump with me in crazy waves of the sea, where is that girl who will come with me
# 3
Deewana banana hai toh deewana bana de ... varna kahin taqdeer tamasha na bana de
If you want to make me crazy then make me crazy ... or else my destiny might turn me into a joke
# 4
Insaan toh paon se chalta hai ... lekin unhe chalane waala hota hai dil
A human walks with his feet ... but it's the heart that moves them
# 5
Main bolonga toh bologi ki bolta hai
If I say then you'll say that I'm talking
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