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Enemy Dialogues

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# 1
Jab Rajeshwar dosti nibhata hai, toh afsaane likhe jaate hai ... aur jab dushmani karta hai, toh tarikh ban jaati hai
When Rajeshwar fulfills his friendship, then stories are written ... and when he makes an enemy, they become a past date
# 2
Marte hue ko kabhi rokne ka nahi ... dushman galati kare toh tokne ka nahi ... aur yaar ki item ko kabhi chune ka nahi
You should never stop a person who is dying ... don't kill when an enemy commits a mistake ... and never touch a friend's girlfriend
# 3
Raftaar tezz na ho toh dushman ki chalayi goli ka kaam aasaan ho jaata hai
If your speed is not fast then it makes the job of the enemy's bullet easier
# 4
Jab dost banake kaam ho sakta hai ... toh phir dushman kyun banaye?
When we can get the work done as friends ... then why should we make enemies?
# 5
Apna ussool kehta hai ... agar fayda ho toh jhoot ko sach maan lo ... dushman ko dost bana lo
My rule says that ... if you see the benefit, then treat the lie as the truth ... and make the enemy your friend
# 6
Dushman se agar fayda ho ... toh usko apna dost banalo
If you see any benefit from the enemy ... then make him your friend
# 7
Hamari zabaan bhi hamari goli ki tarah ... dushmanon se seedhe baat karti hai
Just like my bullet, my tongue also ... talks straight to my enemies
# 8
Jab hum muskurate hai ... toh dushmano ke dil dahil jaate hai
When I smile ... then the hearts of my enemies get scared
# 9
Kya hai mrityu ... hamare haathon se shatru ka mar jaana yeh sochna hai mrityu ... ranbhoomi mein shatru se bhaybheet hokar jeevat rehna hai mrityu?
What is death ... is death a thought that the enemy should die from our hands ... or is death to stay alive in the battlefield being scared of the enemy?
# 10
Isse pehle ki Don ka dushman apni pehli chaal chale ... Don apni agli chaal chal chuka hota hai
Before the enemy of Don plays his first move ... Don has already played his next move
# 11
Don apne doston ka haal pooche na pooche ... apne dushmano ki khabar hamesha rakhta hai
Even if Don doesn't check with his friends ... he always keeps information about his enemies
# 12
Dosti karne ki galti toh kar li hai maine ... toh ab dushmani karne ka mauka bhi nahi jaane doonga
I have done the mistake of being friends ... so now I won't let the chance of being enemies go by
# 13
Dard se aankhen chaar kar lenge, hum bhi imtihaan de denge ... teri dosti ke khatir aye dost, hum dushmano se bhi pyar kar lenge
I'll look at pain square in the eyes, even I will take the test ... for the sake of your friendship dear friend, I'll even love my enemies
# 14
Log kehte hai apne dushman ko maaf kar dena chahiye ... main bhi yahi maanta hoon ... lekin unhe tadpa tadpake maarne ke baad
People say that you should forgive your enemy ... I also agree with that ... but after killing them with pain and agony
# 15
Joh bheed mein shikaar kare woh sher nahin thug hota hai ... aur agar dushman tagda ho, toh usse maarne ka mazaa hi alag hota hai
One who hunts in a group is a thug not a tiger ... and if the enemy is strong, then it is great fun to kill him
# 16
Kisi insaan ka kadh janna ho, toh pata lagao ke uske dushman kaun hai ... jitna bada dushman, utna bada woh
If you want to know the level of a person, then find out who are his enemies ... the bigger his enemies are, the bigger he is
# 17
Dushman se pyar nibhana har kisi ke bas ki baat nahi hai
Not everyone is capable of loving their enemy
# 18
Khaak mazaa hai jeene mein ... jab tak aag na lagi ho apne dushman ke seene mein
There is no fun in living ... until there is a fire in the heart of your enemy
# 19
Auron ki zameen khodoge, toh usme se matti aur patthar milenge ... aur hamari zameen khodoge, toh usme se hamare dushmano ke sar milenge
When you dig others land, you will find mud and stones ... and if you dig my land, you will find heads of my enemies
# 20
Don ke dushman ko yeh baat hamesha yaad rakhni chahiye ... ki Don kabhi kuch nahin bhoolta
Don's enemy should always remember this point ... that Don never forgets anything
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