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Raj Kapoor

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# 1
Aadmi mein dil hota hai ... dil mein aadmi
There is a heart in a human ... and a human in a heart
# 2
Duniya mein ek cheez sher-e-babbar se bhi zyada khatarnak aur darawani hai ... aur woh hai gareebi aur bhookh
In this world there is one thing that is more dangerous and scary than a tiger ... and that is poverty and hunger
# 3
Dukh tumne mujhe nahi diya hai ... maine apne aap ko dukh diya hai
You haven't given me any sorrow ... I have given myself sorrow
# 4
Kabhi kabhi puraane dino ki yaad ... sehat ke liye bahut achchi hoti hai
Remembering the old days ... sometimes is very good for health
# 5
Sab kuch khuda se mang liya tujhko mangkar ... uthte nahi hai haath mere is dua ke baad
By asking for you, I've asked everything from God ... now my hands don't rise after that prayer of mine
# 6
Bas yahi toh hamare naye samaaj ka kamaal hai ... joh chor ho, doosron ke jeb kaatte hai, public ki aankhon mein dhool daalte hai, mere jaisa patla suit pant pehente hai ... unhe hum sharif samajhte hai ... aur joh imandaari se, mehnat mazdoori karke pet paalte hai, phate purane kapde pehente hai ... unhe chor daaku awaara samajhkar dhar liya jaata hai
This is the greatness of our new society ... one who is a thief, who pick pockets, who cheats other people, wears a suit and pant like me ... we consider them honest people ... and those who work hard and with honestly, wear ripped old clothes ... we catch them considering them as thieves and dacoits
# 7
Mera joota hai Japani, yeh patloon Englishtani, sar pe laal topi Russi ... phir bhi dil hai Hindustani
My shoes are Japanese, these pants are British, I have a Russian red hat on my head ... but still my heart is Indian
# 8
Hum uss desh ke vasi hai ... jis desh mein Ganga behti hai
I am the citizen of the country ... in which the river Ganges flows
# 9
Sangam toh woh hai jahan dil, dil se milta hai ... atma, atma se milke paramatma ho jati hai
A confluence is where a heart meets a heart ... a soul meets a soul and becomes a supreme soul
# 10
Dushmani ko khareedne kahi jana nahi padta ... aur dosti kisi bhi keemat pe nahi milti
You don't have to go anywhere to buy enmity ... and you can't buy friendship for any price
# 11
Pehlu-e-hoor mein langoor, khuda ki kudrat ... kauve ki chaunch mein angoor, khuda ki kudrat ... gadhe ko de diye khane badam ... kaisi yeh jodi milayi mere Ram
A monkey inside a human, is God's act ... a grape in the mouth of a crow, is God's act ... we gave a donkey almonds to eat ... what a pair have you made lord Ram
# 12
Dil ka dard aur aankhon ke aasun chupane ke liye ... yeh bewakoof maskare ka bhes bade kaam ki cheez hai
To hide the pain of the heart and the tears of the eyes ... a disguise of a smiling face is very useful
# 13
Hum toh dil ke saudagar hai ... dil khareedte hai ... dil bechte hai
I am a heart merchant ... I buy hearts ... I sell hearts
# 14
Roye toh yaar ke kandhe par ... jaaye toh yaar ke kandhe par
If you cry, cry on a friends shoulder ... if you die, go on a friends shoulder
# 15
Roshni chand se hoti hai sitaron se nahi ... dosti ek se hoti hai hazaron se nahi
Light comes from the moon and not the stars ... you can be friends with one and not with thousands
# 16
Bandar ke haath mein yeh saaz dekhiye aur ulloo ke sar pe yeh taj dekhiye ... joh dekha kabhi na woh aaj dekhiye ... hasegi joh dekhegi duniya tamaam ... kaisi yeh jodi milayi mere Ram
Look at the musical instrument in the hands of a monkey and look at the crown on the head of an owl ... today look at what you have never seen before ... the whole world will laugh when they look at this ... what a pair have you made lord Ram
# 17
Import export ka matlab hai idhar ka maal udhar aur udhar ka maal idhar
Import export means moving the goods from here to there and from there to here
# 18
Aaj gareeb bhi gareeb ko nahi pehchanta
Today one poor person doesn't know another poor person
# 19
Do suiyon ke beech zindagi kya kya khel dikhaye ... naya purana natak karta waqt guzarta jaye
Life shows so many tricks between the two needles ... time passes on by doing the drama of the new and the old
# 20
Achai ki koi seema nahi hoti ... aur burai ka koi anth nahi
Goodness has no limits ... and evil has no end
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