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# 161
Na tumko fikar, na bhai ko gham gharane ka ... khayal aaya kabhi mera ghar basaane ka ... diya kahin mera pehghaam, tumne cheddi baat ... zara bhi ki kabhi koshish, sajje meri baraat
You are not concerned and neither is my brother worried about the house ... have you ever thought about getting me settled ... have you ever given my message to anyone or spoken about me ... have you ever even tried a little bit, so that I could get married
# 162
Yeh hai mere dost, khate nahi ghost ... naam ka Bhagwan hai, dil ka insaan hai ... is hi ki meharbaani se gadha pehalwan hai
He is my friend who doesn't eat meat ... his name is Bhagwan, he is good at heart ... and because of him things are going great
# 163
Apni halat bayaan karoon kaise ... yaad ka saanp dil ko dasta hai ... aahatein goonjti hai kaano mein ... meri aankhon mein koi basta hai ... main tumhe dhoondne kahan jaaon ... koi manzil na koi rasta hai ... meri baahein tumhari manzil hai ... dil musafir hai, pyar rasta hai ... waqt aankhon mein tham gaya jaise ... ek paal ek saal lagta hai ... mere khwaabon ki saans toot na jaaye ... aa bhi jaao ki aas toot na jaaye
How should I describe about my condition ... the snake of memories bites me ... the sounds echo in my ears ... someone has settled in my eyes ... where should I go searching for you ... there's no path and no destination ... my arms are your destination ... the heart is a traveller and love is the path ... time has stopped in my eyes ... one moment feels like one year ... I hope the breath of my dreams doesn't break ... please come, my hopes are about to break
# 164
Chaaron aur kudrat ka phaila kaisa yeh andhera hai ... maut ka taandav hai, gidhon ka dhera hai ... na pedhon ki chaanv hai, na kahin basera hai ... is bhayanak baat ka nahi koi savera hai ... maut ke khel se bachne bhaag rahe hai yeh log ... is hi dharti se judhe the, kyun bhool rahe hai yeh log ... dukh, peedha aur chaaron aur nirasha hai ... na jeene ki aur na jeevan ki asha hai ... kahin bhi duniya mein na padhe dharti par sookha ... insaan sab kuch seh sakta hai, par nahi reh sakta bhookha
There is darkness spread by nature all around ... death is dancing and jackals are in a group ... there is no shade from the trees and neither there is a colony ... this dangerous thing has no morning ... these people who are trying to escape from the game of death ... why do they forget that they are connected to this earth ... there is sadness, pain and despair all around ... there is no hope of life or living ... may there never be a drought anywhere on this earth ... since a human can bear everything, except hunger
# 165
Mere dushman ne yeh socha hi nahi tha shayad ... yeh diya baad-e-fanaa se bhi bhadak sakta hai ... usko quwwat pe takabbur hai mujh ko yakeen ... dast-e-haq baazu-e-qatil ko jhatak sakta hai ... mere jallad ko yeh maloom hi nahi hai shayad ... yeh dil dast-e-ajal mein bhi dhadak sakta hai
My enemy probably didn't even think that ... this lamp can also ignite in the storm of death ... he believes in the power of pride and I believe that ... the hand of the truth can break the arm of a killer ... my executioner probably didn't know that ... this heart can also beat with the hand of death on him
# 166
Tumko kya malum Shabnam guzarti kaisi hai meri raatein ... teri tasveer aankhon mein basaye bhatakta rehta hoon, karta hoon bas tumhari baatein ... tum shama ho Shabnam aur Manzoor parwana ... tumse lipatkar jalne ko tayaar hai deewana
Shabnam you don't know how I spend my nights ... I keep wandering with your picture in my eyes and I only talk about you ... Shabnam you're a lamp and Manzoor is a moth ... this crazy lover is ready to burn in your arms
# 167
Mera daata mujhpar meherban hai ... mere mooh mein chandi ki zabaan hai ... mere haath mein sone ki kamaan hai ... joh bhi mere aage aayega ... muft mein joote khake jayega
I have the blessing of my lord ... I have a silver tongue in my mouth ... I have a golden bow in my hand ... whosoever comes in front of me ... will be smashed with shoes for free
# 168
Hamari shayari mein apne husn ka rang bhar do ... hamari awaaz ko apni adaon ka saaz do ... hamare tassavur ko zindagi bhaksh do
Fill the colour of your body in my poem ... give the music of your style to my voice ... grant life to my imagination
# 169
Neend uski hai, dimaag uska hai, raatein uski hai ... jiske baazu par teri zulfein pareshan ho gayi ... dil dhoondta hai phir wohi fursat ke raat din ... behte rahen tasawur-e-jana liye hue
The sleep, the mind, the nights belong to him ... the one on whose hand your hair is confused ... the heart once again yearns for those leisurely days and nights ... when we would just sit back leisurely and let our imagination wander
# 170
Qayamat ki raat ko hum ghoomne ko nikle ... lal chaand nikla hum choomne ko nikle ... arre bhigdi hai apni toh aadat kuch itni ... aadhi raat aafat ko dhoondne ko nikle
On the night of doomsday we went out to roam around ... the red moon was out and we left to kiss it ... our habits are so bad that ... we left in the middle of the night to find trouble
# 171
Pothi padh padhkar jag mua, pandit bhaya na koi ... dhai aakhar prem ka, padhe so pandit hoye
Reading the scriptures doesn't make you wise ... but the one who reads the two and a half letters of love, becomes wise
# 172
Itne baazu itne sar, ginle dushman dhyan se ... harega woh har baazi, jab khelein hum jee jaan se
So many hands and so many heads, let the enemy count them properly ... he will lose every battle, when we play with our heart
# 173
Subah hui aage jeevan hai, peeche maut ki parchai hai ... tezz dopheri yovan tapta maut kadamo par aayi hai ... saanj, safar aur umar ke dhalaan par anth ko samne paaya hai ... raat ki kaali syahi bikhri aakhri neend ne bulaya hai
Morning has come, life is ahead of us and the shadow of death is behind us ... death has come on its feet in this burning hot afternoon youth ... in this evening, this journey and this age, the end is in front of me ... the last sleep has called me after spreading the black ink of the night
# 174
Tan-e-tanha zindagi se bezaar, ek ladki se kiya pyar ... usse mila na iqraar, na bani woh dildar ... bas yeh cigarette hai wafaadar, woh bhi hai baldaar
Bored and alone in life I fell in love with a girl ... she said no and declined my love ... now only this cigarette is loyal and that also is twisted
# 175
Ishq-e-phillum, junoon-e-phillum, dard-e-phillum, davaa hai phillum, dua hai phillam ... salaam-e-phillum, salaam-e-phillum, salaam-e-phillum
Films are my love, films are my passion, films cause pain, films themselves are the medicine, films are a blessing ... I salute to films, I salute to films, I salute to films
# 176
Aasunyon se keh do ab aankhon se behna chhod de ... in labon se keh do ab khamosh rehna chhod de ... apni chingari ki loh ko jalao doston ... dil mein joh barood hai usse jalao doston
Tell the tears to stop flowing from the eyes ... tell the lips to stop being quiet ... ignite the spark in you my friends ... burn the gunpowder that is there in your heart my friends
# 177
Hai aur bhi duniya mein sukhanavar bahut achche ... kehte hai ki Ghalib ka hai andaaz-e-bayaan aur
There are many good poets in the world ... but they say that Ghalib's style (of poetry) is different
# 178
Maante hai hum, hum gunehgaar hai ... sar jhukaye hai hum, aap sarkar hai ... apni baahon mein chupa lijiye humko ... sirf itni sazaa ke talabgar hai
I agree that I'm the culprit ... I'm bowing my head down, and you are the boss ... hide me in your arms ... I only desire for this punishment
# 179
Zarre zarre mein usika noor hai, jhaank khud mein woh na tujhse door hai ... ishq hai usse toh sab se ishq kar, is ibaadat ka yahi dastoor hai ... is mein us mein aur us mein hai wohi, yaar mera har taraf bharpoor hai
God's light permeates through each and everything, look within you and you will find him there ... if you love him then love everyone, as this is how worship is practiced ... he is in you and everyone, my friend is everywhere
# 180
Woh Jackie Chan hai toh main Johnny Chan hoon ... woh Hong Kong hai toh main Hindustan hoon ... mujhe side nah de toh suicide hai ... mere left se bache toh right hai ... kai aaye kai marre, Johnny Chan se sabhi darre
If he is Jackie Chan then I am Johnny Chan ... if he is Hong Kong then I am India ... if you don't give me the side then it is suicide for you ... if you get away from my left then my right is there ... many came many died, everyone is scared of Johnny Chan
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