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Animals & Birds

Animals & Birds Dialogues

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# 1
Kutte ki tarah jeene ki aadat padhi hai sabko
Everyone has become habituated to live life as a dog
# 2
Kiski majaal joh chede dilair ko ... gardish mein gher lete hai geedar bhi sher ko
Who has the strength to disturb this courageous ... in the sky even jackals can surround a tiger
# 3
Bali hamesha bakre ki di jaati hai ... sher ki nahi
A sacrifice is always given of a goat ... not of a tiger
# 4
Insaan bhi pehle janwar tha ... sadiyan lagi usse janwar se insaan banne mein ... lekin tujhe insaan se janwar banne mein zara bhi waqt nahi laga
A human was also an animal before ... it took him ages to turn into a human from an animal ... but it hardly took you time to turn into an animal from a human
# 5
Saanp ke phan se pichwada mat khujao ... zeher phail gaya toh septic ho jayega
Don't scratch your back with the head of a snake ... if the poison spreads then it will get septic
# 6
Basanti in kutto ke samne mat nachna
Basanti don't dance in front of these dogs
# 7
Sher se hal chalaoge toh kisaan toh marega hi
If you plough with a tiger, then the farmer will obviously die
# 8
Mard banne ka itna shauk hai ... toh kutto ka sahara lena chhod de
If you so want to be a man ... then stop taking support from dogs
# 9
Hum kutton se baat nahin karte!
I don't talk to dogs!
# 10
Aapko dekhte hi ... main jal bin machali, nritya bin bijli ban jata hoon
When I see you ... I become a fish without water and lightening without dance
# 11
Kutton ka jhund kitna bhi bada ho ... uske liye ek sher hi kaafi hota hai
No matter how big the group of dogs is ... for them one tiger is more than enough
# 12
Aam aadmi sota hua sher hai ... ungli mat kar ... jaag gaya toh cheer phaad dega
A common man is a sleeping lion ... don't disturb him ... because if he wakes up then he will destroy everything
# 13
Bootiyan nochne waala geedar ... gala phadne se sher nahin ban jaata
A jackal who chews bones ... does not become a tiger by shouting
# 14
Yeh haath hai ki hathoda ... keedon ki basti mein kaunsa aa gaya makauda
This is a hand or a hammer ... who is this spider in the colony of bugs
# 15
Jhund mein toh soovar aate hai ... sher akela hi aata hai
Pigs come in a group ... a tiger comes alone
# 16
Pinjare mein aakar sher bhi kutta ban jaata hai
Inside a cage even a tiger becomes a dog
# 17
Maidan mein khule sher ka samna karoge ... tumhare mard hone ki galatphami door ho jayegi
If you confront a free tiger in a ground ... your mistake of believing that you are a man will be corrected
# 18
Cheeteh ki chaal, baaz ki nazar aur Bajirao ki talvar par sandeh nahi karte ... kabhi bhi maat de sakti hai
Never doubt the speed of a cheetah, the vision of a hawk and Bajirao's sword ... they can outwit you at any moment
# 19
Kabab mein haddi toh suna tha ... yeh saala poora bakra kahan ghus aaya
I had heard about bones mixed with meat ... how come this whole goat came along
# 20
Udne ki baat parinde karte hai ... tutte huye par nahi
Birds talking about flying ... not broken wings
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