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Mirza Ghalib

Release Year - 1954
# 1
Hai bas ki har ek unke ishaare mein nishaan aur ... karte hai mohabbat toh guzarta hai gumaan aur ... yaa rab na woh samjhe hai na samjhenge meri baat ... de aur dil unko joh na de mujhko zubaan aur
There are so many signals in every gesture of hers ... that when she expresses love, I suspect something else ... oh god she doesn't understand me and neither will she understand me ... give her some more heart if you don't want to give me few more words
# 2
Na gul-e-naghma hoon na parda-e-saaz ... main hoon apne shikast ki awaaz
I'm not a lyrical flower and neither a veil for a musical instrument ... I'm the sound of my defeat
# 3
Mohabbat andhi hoti hai ... magar raasta dikhati hai
Love is blind ... but it shows us the path
# 4
Hai aur bhi duniya mein sukhanavar bahut achche ... kehte hai ki Ghalib ka hai andaaz-e-bayaan aur
There are many good poets in the world ... but they say that Ghalib's style (of poetry) is different
# 5
Nikalna khuld se aadam ka sunte aaye the lekin ... bahut beabroo hokar tere kooche se hum nikle
I had heard that how helpless the child of a human is when he comes out of the womb ... but I was even more helpless than that when I came out of your doors
# 6
Karz ki peete the main lekin samajhte the ki haan ... rang layegi hamari faaqa masti ek din
We used to drink in debt but we used to think ... that one day our craziness will become famous
# 7
Naalon se mere kab taho bala jahan nahi ... kab aasman zameen, zameen aasman nahi ... kehta hoon mooh se kuch main nikalta hai mooh se kuch ... kehne ko yun toh hai yeh zubaan, par zubaan nahi
Until when will I complaint about the problems of the world ... when were the ground and the sky not the same ... I say one thing from my mouth and something else comes out from it ... they are said to be my words, but they are not
# 8
Asar usko zara nahi hota, ranj rahat fiza nahi hota ... tum mere paas hote ho goya, jab koi doosra nahi hota
She wouldn't have felt the influence, if she didn't have the comfort of sorrow ... you are around me much the same as, when no one else is around me
# 9
Ab toh ghabra ke yeh kehte hai ki mar jayenge ... marke bhi chain na paya toh kidhar jayenge ... hum nahi woh joh karen unka daava tujhse ... balki poochega khuda bhi toh mukhar jayenge
Now I'm scared and I'm saying that I will die ... where will I go if I don't get peace even after dying ... I'm not someone who will challenge you ... infact even if god asks then I'll turn away
# 10
Pila de oak se saakhi joh humse nafrat hai ... pyala agar nahi deta na de, sharaab toh de
If you hate me then feed me with the palm of your hands ... atleast give me alcohol, even if you don't want to give me a bowl
# 11
Nahi ishq mein iska toh ranj hum mein, ke qarar-o-shakeb zara na raha ... gham-e-ishq toh apna rafeeq raha, koi aur bala se raha na raha ... na thi haal ki jab hum mein apni khabar, rahe dekhte auron ke aeb-o-hunar ... padi apni buraiyon pe joh nazar, toh nigaah mein koi bura na raha ... zafar aadmi usko na jaaniyega, ho woh kaisa hi saheb-e-fehmozaka ... jisse aaish mein yaadein khuda na rahi, jisse taish mein khauf-e-khuda na raha
I don't regret that in love, I've lost my poise and calm ... at least the love of grief has been kind to me, even if any other problems are there or not ... when I didn't even know of my own condition, I used to find faults in others ... once I saw the faults within me, then no one was bad in my eyes ... don't consider a man victorious, no matter how wise he is ... the one who doesn't remember god in joy, the one who is not scared of god in rage
# 12
Chhodunga main na us but-e-kafir ka poojna ... chhode na khalq go mujhe kafir kahe bagair
I won't stop worshipping the beloved idol ... and this world won't leave me without calling me an idolator
# 13
Tum salamat raho hazaar baras ... har baras ke ho din pachaas hazaar
Hope you stay healthy for a 1,000 years ... and may every year have 50,000 days in it
# 14
Hoon giraftar-e-ulfat-e-sayaad ... varna baaki hai taqat-e-parwaaz
I'm trapped by the love of the captor ... otherwise I still have the power of flight
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