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# 101
De shiva var mohe, shubh karman se kabhoo na hatton ... na daroon bairi sauh jab chahe ladoon, nishchay kar apni jeet karoon
Oh power of god give me this boon, that I may never shirk from doing good deeds ... that I shall not fear when I go into combat, and be victorious with determination
# 102
Mera joota hai Japani, yeh patloon Englishtani, sar pe laal topi Russi ... phir bhi dil hai Hindustani
My shoes are Japanese, these pants are British, I have a Russian red hat on my head ... but still my heart is Indian
# 103
Nadiya se dariya, dariya se sagar, sagar se gehra hai jaam ... jaam mein doob gayi hai yaaron, mere jeevan ki har shyam
From the river to the sea, from the sea to the ocean, my drink is deeper than the ocean ... and my friends, every evening of my life is drowned in the drink
# 104
Kavitaon ke matlab nahi ... unke jazbaat samajhne chahiye
Don't try to understand the meaning of a poem ... try to understand its feelings
# 105
Main tera dost hoon, tu haddi main gosht hoon ... tera mera saath hai, maut ki baat hai, dushman ki gardan mere haath hai ... yeh uski khopdi, yeh meri laat hai
I am your friend, you are the bone I am the meat ... you and me are together, the topic is death, the enemies neck is in my hand ... this is his skull, this is my kick
# 106
Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai ... ke zindagi teri zulfon ki naram chhaon mein guzarne pati ... toh shadaab ho bhi sakti thi ... yeh ranj-o-gham ki shayahi joh dil pe chayi hai ... teri nazar ki shuaon mein kho bhi sakti thi ... magar yeh ho na saka ... magar yeh ho na saka aur ab yeh aalam hai ... ki tu nahi tera gham teri justaju bhi nahi ... guzar rahi hai kuch is tarah zindagi jaise ... isse kisi ke sahare ki aarzu bhi nahi ... na koi raah, na manzil, na roshni ka suraag ... bhatak rahi hai andhero mein zindagi meri ... inhi andhero mein reh jauga kabhi khokar ... main janta hoon meri humnafas ... magar yoon hi kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai
Sometimes, in my heart a feeling emerges ... that, if my life had passed in the soft shade of your hair ... then it could have been delightful ... this ink of sorrow that is spread on the heart ... it could have been lost in the rays of your eyes ... but that didn't happen ... but that didn't happen and now such is the scenario ... that you're not there, nor is your sorrow ... life is passing by in such a way ... as if it doesn't need anyone's support ... there is no path, no destination, and no clue of light ... my life is wandering in darkness ... in this darkness itself, I'll remain lost ... I know that my companion ... but still sometimes, in my heart a feeling emerges
# 107
Bahaduri ka naya dhang sikha gaya hai koi ... chukake khoon ki keemat chala gaya hai koi ... Dharam aur Veer ka naam reh jaye dharti par ... sabak zamane ko aaisa sikha gaya hai koi
Someone has taught us the new style of courage and left ... someone has paid the price of blood and left ... the name of Dharam and Veer will remain on this earth ... someone has taught the world a lesson and left
# 108
Wahi taj hai, wahi takht hai, wahi zehar hai, wahi jaam hai ... yeh wahi khuda ki zameen hai, yeh wahi bhuton ka nizam hai ... bade shauk se mera ghar jalaa, koi aanch tujhpar na aayegi ... yeh zabaan kisi ne khareed li, yeh kalam kisi ka ghulam hai
That is the crown, that is the throne, that is poison, that is a drink ... this is the land of god, this is the ruler of statues ... my house burnt with ease, but you'll have no problems ... somebody has paid me to be quiet, and this pen is a slave of someone
# 109
Meri tarah hota agar khud par zara bharosa, toh kuch door tum bhi saath saath aate ... rang meri aankhon ka baantte zara sa, toh kuch door tum bhi saath saath aate ... nasha aasman ka joh choomta tumhe, hasratein tumhari naya janam paati ... khud doosre janam mein meri udaan chhoone, kuch door tum bhi saath saath aate
If only you trusted yourself a little bit like me, then you would have come some distance with me ... if only you would have shared the color of my eyes, then you would have come some distance with me ... if only the allure of the sky kissed you, your hope would have found a new life ... and to touch my flight in the next life, you would have come some distance with me
# 110
Kahin aag lagne se pehle uthta hai aaisa dhuaan ... jaisa hai idhar ka nazaara, waisa hi udhar ka samaa
Somewhere before the fire starts, the smokes rises like this ... the sight that is here, is the season over there
# 111
Kabhi kabhi koi dhun sunne ke liye kisi saaz ki zaroorat nahi hoti ... phoolon ke khilne ke liye baarish ki zaroorat nahi hoti ... dil ki awaaz sunne ke liye lafzon ki zaroorat nahi hoti
Sometimes to listen to a tune you don't need an instrument ... for flowers to blossom you don't need the rains ... and to hear the voice of the heart you don't need words
# 112
Baarat mein halki si jhalak apni dikhake ... chhoda mujhe is husn ne deewana banake ... doori na hui dil ko kisi tarah gawara ... chhod aaya hamesha ke liye takht hazara
You showed me your presence with a small glimpse in the procession ... and you left me crazy about your body ... this distance is not acceptable to my heart ... and that is why I left my throne and came here
# 113
Kavita se mann ko behlaya ja sakta hai ... samjhaya nahi ja sakta
With a poem you can make a heart happy ... but you can't make it understand
# 114
Ek hi rasta hai jispe chup-chap sar ko jhukaye huye, band aankhen kiye log chalte hai saare janam ... jaante bhi nahi, sochte bhi nahi, poochte bhi nahi ... unko yeh rasta lekar kahin jayega ya kahin bhi nahi ... chalte chalte kahin ek modh aata hai, seedhe raste se bilkul alag ... koi deewana hi hota hai joh ki udhar jaata hai ... varna baki toh sab seedhe raste pe hi apne saare janam chalte hai ... sar jhukaye huye, band aankhen kiye, aur ek dukh liye ... modh joh dekha tha uspe mudh jaate hum toh na jaane kahan tak pahunch paate hum
There's only one path on which people walk for their entire life silently, with their heads bowed down and with their eyes closed ... they don't know, they don't think, they don't even ask ... whether that path will even take them somewhere or not ... then as they move along a turn comes, totally different from the straight path ... and only a crazy person takes that turn ... because mostly everyone else continues to walk on the straight path for their life ... with their heads bowed down, with their eyes closed, and with a grief in their heart ... that may be if we had taken that turn, then today we would've reached places and attained a lot
# 115
Maut tu ek kavita hai ... mujhse ek kavita ka vaada hai milegi mujhko ... doobti nabzon mein jab dard ko neend aane lage ... zard sa chehra liye chaand ufak tak pahunche ... din abhi paani mein ho raat kinaare ke kareeb ... na andhera, na ujala ho ... na abhi raat, na din ... jism jab khatam ho aur rooh ko jab saans aaye ... mujhse ek kavita ka vaada hai milegi mujhko
Death you are a poem ... a poem has promised me that it'll meet me ... when in drowning pulse you feel sleepy ... when the moon carrying her yellow face will reach the horizon ... when day is still in water and the night is close to the shore ... it's not dark, neither bright ... it's not midnight, nor the day ... when the body is dying and the soul is still breathing ... a poem has promised me that it'll meet me
# 116
Pehlu-e-hoor mein langoor, khuda ki kudrat ... kauve ki chaunch mein angoor, khuda ki kudrat ... gadhe ko de diye khane badam ... kaisi yeh jodi milayi mere Ram
A monkey inside a human, is God's act ... a grape in the mouth of a crow, is God's act ... we gave a donkey almonds to eat ... what a pair have you made lord Ram
# 117
Meri baat ka meri humnafas, tu jawab de ki na de mujhe ... teri ek chup mein joh hai chupi, woh hazaar baaton ki baat hai
Oh my life whether you reply or not to my question ... the silence that is hidden in you, has given me the answers for a 1000 questions
# 118
Choti choti chitrayi yaadein, bichhi hui hai lamho ki lawn pe ... nange pair unpar chalte chalte itni door aa gaye hai ... ki ab bhool gaye hai joote kahaan utare the ... edi komal thi jab aaye the, thodi si nazuk hai abhi bhi aur nazuk hi rahegi ... in khatti meethi yaadon ki shararat jab tak inhe gudgudati rahe ... sach bhool gaye hai joote kahan utaare the ... par lagta hai ki ab unki zaroorat nahi
All the little shreds of memories are scattered on the lawn of stolen moments ... I've come so far walking on them bare feet ... that now I've forgotten where I left my shoes ... my soles were soft when I came, and they are still weak and they will remain weak ... for as long as the pranks of these bittersweet memories go on tickling them ... truly I've forgotten where I left my shoes ... but now I think I won't need them
# 119
Jack and Johnny went up the hill to live in love and laughter ... Jack ki leli papa ne aur Johnny chup gaya bhaagkar
Jack and Johnny went up the hill to live in love and laughter ... Jack was scolded by his father and Johnny just ran away and was hiding
# 120
Apni halat bayaan karoon kaise ... yaad ka saanp dil ko dasta hai ... aahatein goonjti hai kaano mein ... meri aankhon mein koi basta hai ... main tumhe dhoondne kahan jaaon ... koi manzil na koi rasta hai ... meri baahein tumhari manzil hai ... dil musafir hai, pyar rasta hai ... waqt aankhon mein tham gaya jaise ... ek paal ek saal lagta hai ... mere khwaabon ki saans toot na jaaye ... aa bhi jaao ki aas toot na jaaye
How should I describe about my condition ... the snake of memories bites me ... the sounds echo in my ears ... someone has settled in my eyes ... where should I go searching for you ... there's no path and no destination ... my arms are your destination ... the heart is a traveller and love is the path ... time has stopped in my eyes ... one moment feels like one year ... I hope the breath of my dreams doesn't break ... please come, my hopes are about to break
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