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# 1
Duniya mein kitni hai nafratein ... phir bhi dilon mein hai chahatein ... mar bhi jaaye pyar waale ... mitt bhi jaaye yaar waale ... zinda rehti unki mohabbatein
There is so much hatred in the world ... but still there is love in the hearts ... even if the people you love die, and your friends disappear ... their love always remains alive
# 2
Bande hain hum uske, hum pe kiska zor ... umeedo ke suraj, nikle chaaron aurr ... iraade hai fauladi, himmati har kadam ... apne haatho kismat likhne, aaj chale hain hum
I am God's man, who could dare to defy me ... the Sun of hopes, is out in all directions ... my intentions are solid, and there is courage in every step ... I have set forth today, to write my own destiny
# 3
Sau andheron mein bhi roshan ho, us haqeeqat ki talash hai ... teri dehleez pe chhod aaye, us mohabbat ki talash hai ... jhukne ki ibaadat ko toh samjhe jahaan walon ... katne pe joh haasil ho, us jannat ki talash hai
I'm looking for that reality which shines even in extreme dark conditions ... I' looking for that love which I left at your doorsteps ... people of the world, try to understand the prayer when one bows down ... I'm looking for that heaven which you attain after death
# 4
Har sher mein alfaaz toh hote hai ... par har alfaaz shayari nahi ... pyar toh sab karte hai ... par har pyar junooniyat nahi
In every poem there are words ... but not every word is a poem ... everyone falls in love ... but not each and every love is passionate
# 5
Jab pyar mein pyar na ho ... jab dard mein yaar na ho ... jab aansoon mein muskaan na ho ... jab lafzon mein zubaan na ho ... jab saansein bas yoon hi chale ... jab har din mein raat dhale ... jab intezar sirf waqt ka ho ... jab yaad us kambhakht ki ho ... kyun hoon main raahi jab woh hai kisi aur ki manzil ... dhadkano ne saath chhod diya ... ae dil hai mushkil, ae dil hai mushkil
When you don't have love in your love ... when you don't have a friend in pain ... when you don't have a smile in your tears ... when you don't a voice in your words ... when your breaths are just breathing ... when the night sets in every day of yours ... when you only wait for time ... when you only remember that one person ... why am I a traveller when she's the destination for someone else ... my heartbeats have left me alone ... it's hard to live in love, it's hard to live in love
# 6
Koi pyar kare toh tumse kare, tum jaise ho waise kare ... koi tumko badal ke pyar kare, toh woh pyar nahi woh sauda kare ... aur saheba, pyar mein sauda nahi hota ... right?
One should love you, the way you are ... if someone tries to change you in love, then its not love but a compromise ... and darling, one doesn't compromise in love ... right?
# 7
Baarishon mein bedhadak tere nachne se ... baat baat pe bewajah tere roothne se ... choti choti teri bachkani badmashiyon se ... mohabbat karoonga main ... jab tak hai jaan, jab tak hai jaan
Your dancing freely in rains ... your getting angry on small things for no reason ... your small and childish mischiefs ... I will love them all ... as long as I live, as long as I live
# 8
Teri aankhon ki namkeen mastiyan ... teri hasi ki beparwah gustakhiyan ... teri zulfon ki lehrati angdaiyan ... nahi bhoolunga main ... jab tak hai jaan, jab tak hai jaan
Your eyes, mischievous and saline ... you laughter, an airy insolence ... your hair, it waves undone ... I will not forget ... as long as I live, as long as I live
# 9
Koi umeed bar nahi aati, koi soorat nazar nahi aati ... maut toh ek din moiyan hai, neend raat bhar kyun nahi aati ... pehle aati thi haal-e-dil pe hassi, ab kisi baat pe nahi aati
There is no hope to be found, there is no resolution to be sought ... death is destined to come one day, but why can't I sleep all night ... earlier I was able to laugh at the predicament of my heart, but now I am unable to laugh at anything
# 10
Main aur meri tanhayi, aksar yeh baatein karte hai ... tum hoti toh kaisa hota ... tum yeh kehti, tum woh kehti, tum is baat pe hairaan hoti, tum us baat pe kitni hasti ... tum hoti toh aaisa hota, tum hoti toh waisa hota ... main aur meri tanhayi, aksar yeh baatein karte hai
Me and my loneliness, often we talk ... if you were here then how would it have been ... you would have said this and said that, you would have been surprised at this, how much would you have laughed on this ... if you were here then this would have happened and that would have happened ... me and my loneliness, often we talk
# 11
Hum toh falak ke taare the ... zameen pe aaye toh pehchaan payi, mazhab paya, rang paya, zubaan payi ... hum nikle the jannat dhoondne ... par har modh pe, har makaam pe, nafrat jung aur sarhad payi ... par apne tevar ka sikka ek din chalega zaroor ... khoon ubaal marega zamana badlega zaroor ... khud ko buland karenge ... rab ke bandhe hai hum ... gunday the, gunday hai, gunday rahenge hum
We were the stars from the sky ... when we came to the earth we got an identity, religion, colour, language ... we had left to find the heaven ... but on every turn, on every destination, we found hatred war and borders ... but the coin of our attitude will work one day ... the blood will boil and the world will change ... we will make ourselves strong ... we are the messengers of God ... we were goons, we are goons and we will remain goons
# 12
Utamamm dadh-dhadhatt paadham ... madhyam paadham thuchuk thuchuk ... khanishtham thud-thudiya paadham ... sur-suriya pran ghatkam
A loud fart is respectable ... a medium fart is tolerable ... a slight fart is fearful ... a silent fart is unbearable
# 13
Humne joh ki thi mohabbat aaj bhi hai ... teri zulfon ke saaye ki chahat aaj bhi hai ... raat katti hai aaj bhi khayalon mein tere ... deewanon si woh meri haalat aaj bhi hai ... kisi aur ke tasavvur ko uthti nahi, baimaan aankhon mein thodi si sharafat aaj bhi hai ... chaha ki ek baar chahe phir chhod dena tu ... dil todh tujhe jaane ki izaazat aaj bhi hai
The love that I had still exists today ... the passion for the shade from your hair still exists today ... even today the night passes by with your thoughts ... and my condition is like crazy even today ... I cannot imagine anyone else, because there is a little bit of honesty left in those eyes even today ... I wished that you loved me for once and then leave ... since the permission for you to break my heart and go still exists today
# 14
Tune sab paaya hai, aashiq ki nazar paayi nahi ... jabse dekha tujhko duniya ki taraf dekha nahi ... jabse chaha tujhko apni yaad bhi aayi nahi ... tukhjo paana zindagi hai, tujhko khona maut hai ... aur kuch iske sivah mere fasaane mein nahi ... maang loonga mein khuda se yah chura loonga tujhe ... tujhsa moti doosra uske khazane mein nahi
You have everything, but not the eyes of a lover ... since I have seen you, I haven't looked at the world ... since I have loved you, I haven't thought about myself ... achieving you is life, and losing you is death ... and there is nothing to my story other than this ... I will ask you from God or else I will steal you ... and God doesn't have a pearl other than you in his treasure
# 15
Garmi-e-hasratein nakaam se jal jaate hai ... hum chiragon ki tarah shaam se jal jaate hai ... shama jis aag mein jalti hai numaish ke liye ... hum ussi aag mein gumnaam se jal jaate hai ... jab bhi aata hai tera naam mere naam ke saath ... jaane kyun log mere naam se jal jaate hai
I burn in the warmth of your unrequited love ... I'm burning since the evening like the lamps ... the fire in which the candle burns for display ... I'm buring in the same fire unnoticed ... whenever your name comes with my name ... not sure why people get jealous of my name
# 16
Husn ko chaand, jawani ko kamal kehte hai ... dekh kar hum tujhe ek shouk ghazal kehte hai ... uff yeh sang-e-marmar sa tarasha hua shafaf badan ... dekhne wale tujhe Taj Mahal kehte hai
Beauty is called as the moon, youth is called as a flower ... after seeing you I'd like to say a poem ... oh this pure chiseled body made from marble ... people who see you call you the Taj Mahal
# 17
Yeh meri himmat kahan ki main aapse shikva karoon ... aap hona chahte hai bewafaa, ho jahiye ... aapke kadamon par laakar rakh di hai dil aur jaan ... meri mohabbat ki duniya ke khuda ho jahiye
I don't have the courage to complain against you ... if you want to become unfaithful, then so be it ... I have kept my heart and life in your feet ... please become the god of my love life
# 18
Jab choti choti baaton mein hum haste the rote the, tabse tumse pyar kiya hai ... jab bin mausam barsaaton mein hum jhoom jhoom ke gaate the, tabse tumse pyar kiya hai ... jab chup chupke aadhi raaton mein chatt pe taare ginte the, tabse tumse pyar kiya hai ... ab toh khud bhi bhool chuka hoon main ki kabse tumse pyar kiya hai ... bas itna hi keh sakta hoon main ... ki sirf tumse, tum hi se pyar kiya hai
I love you since we used to laugh and cry on small small things ... I love you since we used to dance and sing in the off-seasonal rains ... I love you since we used to count the stars in the middle of the night from the terrace ... now I have myself forgotten since when I have been in love with you ... but I can only say that ... I love you and I only love you
# 19
Yere yere pausa, tula deto paisa ... paisa saala khota, paus aala motha
Oh rain do come, I'll give you money ... the money was bloody fake, and the rain came fast
# 20
Jab jab dard ka baadal chaya, jab gham ka saaya lehraya, jab aasoon palkon tak aya, jab yeh tanha dil ghabraya ... humne dil ko yeh samjhaya, dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai ... duniya mein yunhi hota hai ... yeh joh gehre sannate hai, waqt ne sabko hi baante hai ... thoda gham hai sabka qissa, thodi dhoop hai sabka hissa ... aankh teri bekaar hi namm hai, har pal ek naya mausam hai ... kyun tu aise pal khota hai, dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai
Whenever the cloud of pain loomed, whenever the shadow of sadness waved, whenever tears reached my eyelids, whenever this lonely heart was worried ... I asked, why do you cry my heart ... this is what happens in the world ... this deep silence, time has given it to everyone ... everyone has a little bit of sorrow, everyone has a little bit of sunshine ... your eyes are wet for no reason, in every moment there is a new season ... why do you lose moments like that, why do you cry my heart
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