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Hawaa Hawaai

Release Year - 2014
# 1
Chhoti chhoti jal ki boondein sagar ko bhar deti hai ... balu ki rach nanhi nanhi sukar bhoomi rach deti hai ... kshan kshan kaal ikkattha hokar lamba yug ban jaata hai ... kshan ko shuksma na samjho bhai ... yeh jag ka nirmata hai
Little drops of water make the mighty ocean ... little grains of sand make the beautiful land ... little moments get together and make the mighty ages of eternity ... don't consider these little moments useless my brother ... they are the creators of the earth
# 2
Chule ke angare jaise pehle tadpate haathon ko tab naseeb roti hoti hai ... jeevan saar yehi hai manwa tu kar, mat darr ... angaaron pe chalna hai sahi, yehi jeevan jyoti hai
When the embers of the stove first agonize the hands, then only one gets to eat bread ... the gist of life in my heart is to do, and not be afraid ... since walking on fire is the flame of life
# 3
Aaj kal insaanon mein heroes bahut mushkil se milte hai
Nowadays it's very hard to find heroes in humans
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