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Release Year - 1999
# 1
Ishwar dil mein ho toh sachai mazboot rehti hai
If God is in your heart, the truth is resolute
# 2
Kuch log pyar karke shaadi karte hai ... aur kuch log shaadi karke pyar karte hai
Some people fall in love and get married ... and some people get married and fall in love
# 3
Shaadi na hi ek contract hai, na hi koi utsav hai ... agar utsav hai toh logon ke liye hai ... shaadi do aatmaon do dilon ka mel hai ... jisme do jan bharpoor zindagi saath saath jeete hai aur saath saath marte hai
Marriage is not a contract, neither a festival ... if it's a festival then it's for others ... marriage is a union of two souls two hearts ... in which two people live life together to the fullest and die together
# 4
Aap itne khoobsurat log hai ki aapki tasveer seedhe dil mein chapti hai
You are such beautiful people that your picture prints directly in my heart
# 5
Taal se hi geet hai, taal hi sangeet hai, taal pe hi saans hai, taal se hi preet hai
From beat comes a song, beat itself is music, on beat there is breathe, from beat comes love
# 6
Amir banne ke liye zaroori hai lalach
To become rich it is important to have greed
# 7
Hum kala bechte hai, ladkiyon ki izzat nahi
We sell art, not a girls honor
# 8
Imaandari se zyada zaroori hai dukaandari
Salesmanship is more important than honesty
# 9
Pyar mein giro mat bachche ... utho, rise in love
Son don't fall in love ... get up, rise in love
# 10
Yeh Mumbai hai, yahan har cheez dikhawa hai jise hum showmanship kehte hai ... sajawat hai jise hum publicity kehte hai ... aur banawat hai jise hum marketing kehte hai
This is Mumbai, here everything is a show which we call showmanship ... it is styling which we call publicity ... and it is making which we call marketing
# 11
Hum doston se daant ke aur dushmano se pyar se baat karte hai
We talk with our friends roughly and with our enemies with love
# 12
Hum dard bechte hai, khareedte nahi hai
We sell pain, we don't buy it
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